Ailunce HD1 function one key call

HD1, the amateur radio, with a lot of features, here I will talk about the One key call function. One key call When you set this, you can talk with the group or friend you settled by press side-key. Not like pressing PTT all the time, you just only press one time you can talk […]

Ailunce HD1 Promiscuous Mode Introduction

What’s the Promiscuous Mode? In Group call, open the Promiscuous, no matter contact or group list for two radios, they can talk with each other! ( precondition: frequency same, color code same, time slot same). Usually talk with each other in digital mode, you need to meet: 1, TX and RX Frequencies are same 2, Color codes […]

Ailunce HD1 Front Panel Programming (FPP)

Ailunce HD1 is the latest DMR digital Dual band Amateur radio. It has a lot of features, like 32 Radio IDs selectable, IP67, Firmware Upgrade for free and so on! Thanks to for sharing us this picture! Here I will introduce an important feature. HD1: Front Panel Programming (FPP) Almost all the operations can be done via keypad, no […]

Retevis Sponsor the Radio Club

Retevis Sponsored the Radio club East Lancs Radio Club to attend the radio exhibition on 29th,April. This Exhibition was held at the Norbreck Castle Hotel Exhibition Centre in Blackpool. Retevis Sponsor Retevis sponsored the prizes for this club, the first prize is Ailunce HD1, congratulation to this ham to win this radio. Also Retevis sponsored the […]

Ailunce HD1 updated the firmware and software

Ailunce HD1 updated the firmware and software. Have you updated your radio? The firmware from the Version V1.45 to V1.46. You can download the latest firmware V1.46 here : Firmware V1.46 1. Add “Delete All” in Message. 2. Can show zone name, but only display 7 characters. 3. Support to set GPS information via radio […]