Ailunce HD1 function one key call

HD1, the amateur radio, with a lot of features, here I will talk about the One key call function. One key call When you set this, you can talk with the group or friend you settled by press side-key. Not like pressing PTT all the time, you just only press one time you can talk […]

Ailunce HD1 Promiscuous Mode Introduction

What’s the Promiscuous Mode? In Group call, open the Promiscuous, no matter contact or group list for two radios, they can talk with each other! ( precondition: frequency same, color code same, time slot same). Usually talk with each other in digital mode, you need to meet: 1, TX and RX Frequencies are same 2, Color codes […]

The scan of Ailunce HD1

Ailunce HD1 has the scan function, it includes 3 scan modes and 2 scan ways. 3 scan modes: Time mode(TO): When the radio detects a signal it will stop scanning and will pause for 5 seconds before scanning again even if the signal is still present Carrier mode(CO):When the radio detects a signal it will stop […]