Where can you use the RT29?

Do you familiar with RT29? RT29 is a 10W high-power radio,so it can reach longer communication distance.We also have IP67 RT29 radio,it is RT29 waterproof function,so you don’t worry about the environment when using the radio,please operate it confidently. RT29 have UHF and VHF style,so what is the difference of them?The frequency of UHF is […]

How to set RT29 scan function?

Do you know what is RT29 scan function? when scanned channel have signal, the radio will automatically stop at this channel and for conversation.So this function is very practical.How to set RT29 scan function?let’s learn it together. First,you must program RT29. Here is the blog of RT29 program: http://blog.retevis.com/program-rt29-radio/ When you install the software,please write the […]