Ailunce HD1 software introduction

HD1 Software can be used for programming your radio by PC. So it is very important. Ailunce HD1 is a dual band DMR Amateur radio for hams, a lot of hams are professional, but some are new ham. Where to download the HD1 software? 2 ways: 1, Go to Retevis Resources Center:  Find the […]

How to programme RT27 in software

How to programme RT27 in software Retevis RT27 is one kind of license-free business Analog radio. It meet USA, EU, Canada license-free frequency standard. 1.RT27 license-free 22 CH FRS 12.5KHz 0.5W/2W Handheld Two Way Radio—-USA Frequency Standard 2.RT27 license-free 16 CH 0.5W 12.5KHz PMR446 Handheld Two Way Radio—-EU Frequency Standard 3.RT27 license-free 16 CH FRS 12.5KHz 0.5W Handheld Two Way Radio—-Canada Frequency Standard   Now let’s […]