RT21 walkie talkies

RT21 walkie talkies:Troubleshooting

RT21:One walkie talkie can not talk with others

When we buy walkie-talkies, there are always some problems which cause one of the walkie-talkie can not work together with others(such as RT21).But how to check the problems to fix it?you can find the reasons from

the following aspects:


RT21 walkie talkies


1.Adjust volume to the Maximum,and make sure these radios are set to the same frequency and CTCSS.If it is different,it can be set by programming on Chirp and PC.


2.Please check if there is a red light when transmitting and a green light when received,


3.If the indicator light work well.You can check if they are all on the same frequency and CTCSS by programming.


4.Change channel to test if there are the voice prompt?It will help you to check if it is the issue of the microphone;Or you can use the earpiece to test.


5.If the communication distance is beyond the RT21 effective range, it will not work,too. So you can move them closer and test if there any voice can be heard.

If the walkie talkies are at the same frequency and CTCSS and within a short distance, it still can’t work, that is the problem of the product itself.you can change it.


This is a list of several common for why RT21 can not talk with others, It is not just for RT21 walkie talkie,it also help you check other walkie talkies.


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  1. We have older RT21 radios: we purchased two newer RT21 radios, but we cannot get them to communicate with the older radios? We have tried everything in your troubleshooting manual, but they still do not communicate. The two newer radios communicate: is there something else we can try?

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