How to active VOX function of H777S?

What is VOX function?How to use it?Let me introduce it to you.When using your H777S,turn on this Vox function,you don’t need press PTT button when transmiting. When VOX is on your working channel,speak to the microphone directly,it will transmit automatically.It looks like this function is very convenience,So how to operate H777S Vox function?Let’s learn it together.

Firstly,please programming the H777S.

  1. Please download USB universal driver and H777S software from Retevis official website freely:
  2. Please use program cable to connect your radio with your computer, you can get it on Retevis. com:
  3. Please keep the plug connect radio tight. Finally, after everything is set, turn on your radio.
  4. Click “Program”—“Read from radio”, then you get H777S default frequency.

After install the software,we will see the VOX level,you can select different numerical value,as is the following shows:

When you use the microphone,if the microphone is not sensitive,the radio can’t collect your voice,please adjust VOX  well to guarantee smooth communication.

If you don’t want this function,please as same steps,cancel it.

If you have any question about VOX functions,please contact freely.

I will help you freely.

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