New arrival! Another10W Radio? Retevis RB25

If you are looking for a High power radio, Retevis RT1, RT29, RT26 will satisfy your demands. Now we are going to have a new ——Retevis RB25 Retevis RB25 is A NBDR radio, it has a high communication quality. Strong anti-interference performance,  and more significant security performance. Frequency Range  UHF:400-480MHz Channel 32 Channel step value […]

RetevisRT29 Waterproof Radio For Emergency Rescue

“For tomorrow, I really don’t know whether accident or happiness comes first.” The incidence of natural and man-made disasters is getting higher and higher. RetevisRT29 waterproof radio for emergency rescue. There are customers who specifically want to buy walkie-talkies for emergencies. For example, in the event of an earthquake, parents can be notified in time. […]