Retevis story for all of you!

After five years, a man trudged thousands of mountains and rivers to the gate of a holy monk’s temple, hoping to find the true meaning of happiness in life. But the holy Monk didn’t see anyone. But seeing the man was so sincere, he asked his disciples to give him three silk bags and told him: […]

Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie —— Camping

Camping is a challenging and fresh thing for many people. Many people are full of curiosity and yearning for outdoor camping. However, whenever I want to camp, I feel that I have nothing to bring. Bring tents, flashlights, tools, food and other things, and more importantly, make sure that your camping site is safe. Especially […]

Waterproof walkie talkies for kayaking

Summer is here, and any water sports will make us yearn for and linger. One of the most exciting sports that tests collaboration and communication skills is water kayaking. People are eager for this game, and many customers come to ask if there is a professional kayak walkie talkies. Choosing a professional kayaking walkie talkies, […]