RT1 & Noise-cancelling headset

RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset for Noisy Site

Some customers ask what models to buy in noisy scenarios, such as concert, construction site. Today I recommend a combination, RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset.   The reasons are as follows: First, let’s check features of RT1: 1.High-power 10W, The  communication distance farther and strong signal. 2.High-capacity battery, Long standby time. 3.The Scrambler to ensure the communication […]

Retevis DMR Radio RT80 Features

Do you know about Retevis DMR Radio RT80? Do you know its features? This blog will list the features of this Mini DMR radio RT80. Retevis RT80 is the UHF band Mini DMR radio, can save up to 999 channels. very suitable for business or outdoor. Retevis DMR Radio RT80 Features   1, The Mini […]

Chinese 5.5 Ham Festival

Special Event-Chinese 5.5 Ham Festival

Chinese 5.5 Ham Festival On 5th May 1940, Chinese amateur radio operators started the “On Air Conference”. On 5th May 1947, the Conference covered all regions in China; it was the biggest on-air event. In 1942 and 1944, there were two exhibitions associated with the “On Air Conference”. In recent years, CRAC organized several events […]