What is the FreeNet License-free Radio?-Retevis RT24V

FreeNet License-free Radio RT24V was released by Retevis. Except the PMR446, FreeNet is another license-free version in Germany. What is FreeNet? Freenet is a personal mobile radio network in Germany. It was originally introduced in 1996 as a product name of Motorola and uses part of the frequency spectrum of the former B-Netz carphone network. Initially, […]

New Model RB18/RB618 Dual PTT license-free Radio

New Model RB18/RB618 Dual PTT license-free Radio is coming. Retevis released a new model, RB18 or RB618, it is the license-free radio. Check the picture first: From the apperance, it will be different from the classic two-way radios. It has the a small display, with the up and down button on the left of the […]

Retevis RB17/RB617 License-free Radio

Retevis RB17/RB617 license-free radio, this is the new model in 2020. With 2 versions: FRS or PMR446. This license-free radio’s color is different from other classic license-free radio, it has two colors: black and grey. The channel knob with the numbers, help you to make sure which channel your radio is in. The features of […]

Retevis Mini License-free Radio RB15/RB615

Mini License-free Radio Retevis RB15/RB615. RB15 is the FRS band license-free radio, and RB615 is the PMR446 version License-free radio. When you make order, please choose the right version. Let’s check the picture first: The specification for Retevis RB15/RB615 The frequency range: FRS band or PMR446 license-free band. The High power: RB15 for 2w and […]

Update: Retevis RT45 License-free radio

Update: Retevis RT45 License-free radio, the outdoor two way radio, it is very suitable for family outdoor activites. Let’s check the picture first: It has two main colors: white and grey 6 buttons, the call tone button, monitor button, up and down button and lock button, menu and turn on/off button The side keys: Update: […]

Guard Patrol System License-free Radio RT28P

Guard Patrol System License-free Radio RT28P, Retevis New model for business use. It is the license-free radio, with the Guard Tour system function. Let’s have a look about RT28P: The special function for this RT28P is the Guard Patrol function. This will help the leader to check each member’s patrol. Our Guard Patrol RT28P including […]

License-free radio Retevis RT49

A new License-free radio RT49, with the bright color is released. Usually there will have two versions, FRS version and PMR446 version. Now the FRS version was released, I think the PMR446 version will release soon. The features of License-free radio RT49: 1, Bright color, break the traditional colors of black walkie-talkies. More suitable for family […]