Function introduces of RT75

RT75 is our new release compass kids walkie talkie, it has bright color, and unique appearance, you must love it! So do you know what function does it has? How do you operate it? Let discuss it together. Main functions: Adjustable volume level Channel Monitor Squelch Battery save Low Battery Alert Monitor Flashlight Keyboard lock […]

2019 Top Selling Waterproof Radio RT48

2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48 Want to own a waterproof walkie-talkie, but don’t know how to choose? If you use it for commercial use or family, I would strongly recommend Retevis RT648/RT48 This 2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48 was released in 2019, is a new type of licence-free waterproof walkie-talkie.   […]

Super Mini Walkie talkie RT42/RT642

Super Mini walkie talkie RT42/RT642 was released by Retevis.  It has the pocket-size,  with excellent design and advanced technology. Two version for RT42/RT642 RT42 is the license-free FRS band radio for US and Canada RT642 is the license-free PMR446 band radio for Europe countries. License-free radio Free your time from regulatory paperwork and licensing applications. […]