RT22 how to set local alarm?

RT22 have alarm function,this is a very practical function.After you set this alarm function by software,when you are in danger, others will know your situation,they will save you.Some customer will confused how to set this function.Our manual introduce alarm function,however,they don’t know how to set it.Let’s learn how to set this practical function together. 1.Please […]

Do you know RT80 how to program ?

RT80 is a DMR  two way radio,it support analog,digital model and mix digital-analog model.It has a display screen to see the specific information of the walkie-talkie more clearly.Some customer think it is more difficult to program than ordinary analog radio.However,RT80 is easy to programming,let’s together explore RT80 how to program. 1.What do you need?RT80 radio,a program cable […]


Ailunce HD1 Common Problems and Solutions

HD1  Problems and Solutions :Ailunce HD1 is a walkie-talkie for ham people, but for many novice operators, it may not be as easy to set up as a regular walkie-talkie.   we talkie about  HD1 Common Problems and Solutions .  most common questions and solutions for Ailunce HD1 How to restore the factory settings? A: […]