Guard Patrol System License-free Radio RT28P

Guard Patrol System License-free Radio RT28P, Retevis New model for business use. It is the license-free radio, with the Guard Tour system function. Let’s have a look about RT28P: The special function for this RT28P is the Guard Patrol function. This will help the leader to check each member’s patrol. Our Guard Patrol RT28P including […]

App programmed Bluetooth Radio RT78

Retevis bluetooth handheld radio RT78

App programmed radio Retevis Bluetooth handheld radio RT78, the new model, it supports Mobile phone APP program the Bluetooth This model RT78 is the App programming handheld radio, you can program this radio by your mobile phone’s app, no need to connect to the computer to program. Our Retevis RT78 with the Frequency Range: UHF […]

Retevis RT43 Business DMR radio

Retevis RT43 business DMR radio, the single band UHF 400.000-480.000MHz. 2 time-slot that can connect the repeater( relay). It has lots of functions and features, here we will introduce this DMR Retevis RT43 for commercial in details. The working mode Retevis RT43 has the Analog& Digital mode, the digital mode will make your radio’s signal […]

The best radio for Camping

With the increasing pressure of urban life, more and more people choose to remote place. such as sparsely populated countryside, mountain area. Generally speaking, the mobile phone signal in remote mountainous areas is very weak, so if you only carry a cell phone, it’s not very useful. Walkie talkies are the best choice, walkie talkie […]