2w and 1h of business radio

2Ws and 1H of business radio

2Ws and 1H of business radio mean what is the business radio, why they use it and how does it work.

What: what is the business radio?

Business radio is the most common walkie-talkie, but also the most types of a walkie-talkie. According to the nature of work and work needs, it is roughly divided into construction site walkie-talkie, the main needs are dust-proof, easy to use, certificate free, and easy to fix it. The second is for retail and service personnel walkie talkie, usually used in restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, and other scenes. Its main demand is portable, headphones, clear sound quality, easy to fix. The third is the fixed walkie-talkie, which is often used in the warehouse, pharmacy front, and back scenes. Its main requirement is that it can be fixed on the wall, can support long-distance calls, certificate free, clear sound quality, and easy to set.

Why: why they use two-way radio but not phones?

In business activities, staff and companies pursue efficient and convenient work, as well as professional and dedicated attitude, mobile phone is obviously not a good communication tool. The walkie-talkie has a small, lightweight, multi-functional instant call cost-effective tool.  In business activities, it can achieve high efficiency with low cost, thus becoming an indispensable part of business activities.

How: How the business radio work?

VOX function can liberate both hands, just need to reach the set voice size can easily call;

The squelch function can simply process the sound according to the noise level of the working environment, so as to reduce the impact of noise on the call quality as much as possible;

Monitor function can help group leader receive all the information from group members.

the work alone can make every member stay safe.

Accessories usually include a microphone, earphones, and back clips, which are often seen in restaurants and hotels.

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