Ailunce HD1 in Emergency Service

Ailunce HD1 in Emergency Service is a special experience. As we know, Ailunce HD1 was designed for amateurs, the idea comes from the hams all over the world.

Do you know Ailunce HD1 can be used in Emergency Service? The owner of Ailunce HD1  Tim  shared his experiences with us.

He is not only a ham, but also the a volunteer firefighter, he never thought of using the Ailunce HD1 as the emergency service.

Why using this radio?

But two days ago, a massive storm crossed his town, and a lightning strike caused a roof to catch fire.

Usually they were dispached by pagers, but his for some reason did not work, he had HD1 turned on and was monitoring emergency channels and heard our FD responding.

He grabed the HD1 and rushed to the fire house, changed into his gear but find there were no more radio in the charging bay.

He had no choice but using his own personal radio HD1 for an emergency call.

HD1’s performance for Emergency Service

1, On scene, The heavy rain was pouring down on them, so the radio was soaking wet but worked perfectly well. As the Ailunce HD1 is the ip67 waterproof radio, so this radio is perfect.

2, The high power capability with the long antenna enabled me to communicate easily, on a simplex channel to guide the ladder truck towards our locations. Because their incident commanders GP360 was out of range.

3, The volume on this radio with external mic is just amazing. Because the enviroment was loud and the heavy rain. He was able to hear everything perfectly.

4, HD1 has the ability to Monitor two channels at the same time. So he was able to hear dispatch and our simplex work channel at the same time, whereas his incident commander had to use 2 Motorola radios.

5, Interestingly, after an hour of our radios taking on heavy rain, newer Motorolas and my radio were the only ones who were still functional.

6, Because the GP360s external mics (not made by Motorola) had poor water drainage, this led to me borrowing my HD1 to the incident commander for a brief moment, to guide rooftop wrok.

HD1 with 2 versions external speaker mic:

IP67 H103M speaker Mic:

IP55 H103ML Speaker Mic with 3.5mm Jack:

7, HD1 was the clearest sounding radio out of all

This led to me borrowing my HD1 to the incident commander for a brief moment to guide rooftop work, as it was the clearest sounding radio out of all. HD1 used the advanced technology, Crystal sound make your communication clearer.

Why hams like Ailunce HD1?

  1.  It is the first amateur radio to be made with hams ideas. So it is like the child of the hams who gives us an idea.
  2.  It is the first amateur radio that can be programmed by its keypad.
  3. It has been collecting the hams’ wishlists and updating the firmware since its release.
  4. It has professional online technical services. Besides, it has the fans group on facebook.
  5. It can not only be used as a hobby, but also serve as a professional radio for all walks of life. Such as for Tim used in Emergency Service.

Where to know more about Ailunce HD1?

Videos: You can search it on youtube, there are many videos about Ailunce HD1: the range test video, the teardown video……

Articles: You can search them on our blog. there are many style blogs: how to operate the function, how to program,  how to build codeplug, firmware upgrade and update……


If you have any problem on this radio, you can leave message here or contact us



2 thoughts on “Ailunce HD1 in Emergency Service

  1. I have a couple of RT82 + H103M Mic’s ( IP67 ).

    Everytime the PTT is released on the H103M it results in a loud “pop” heard by everyone who is receiving. 🙁
    This is very annoying especially for people using in-ear devices.

    The problem is not present when the RT82 is used alone without the H103M.

    I opened the H103M and found that the pcb has 8 empty solder pads for SMD components.
    Some of them is related to the H103M external earpiece connector, which is of cause not present, since I’m using the IP67 version.

    But 2 of the missing components is clearly an RC-filter directly connected to the PTT switch.

    You should investigate this problem since the H103M’s is almost useless in my case.

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