An AffordableHam radio for beginners-Retevis RT85

Affordable Ham radio for beginners-Retevis RT85

Ham radio should not be an hobby for the rich people. Even though  there are lots of ham radios with the high price in the market, but for some Beginners, they need to find an afforable ham radio. If you are the one of them, why not consider the Retevis RT85?

Why Retevis RT85 called as the ham radio?

When the radio can help the Amateurs to make communicate without the cell phone. And sometimes can communicate with others all over the world by radios. And also they want to DIY gear by themself, or learn different functions from two-way radios.

Not like the license-free radios or other licensed radios, when you get the ham radio license,  you can make QSO. You can program your radios as your license rule.

Retevis RT85, it is the Dual band, dual standby two way radios. With the display and keypad, you can operate it by its keypad. The FPP function can let you to program or change the settings by its keypad.

Check the below picture of Retevis RT85

It has the full keypad. From the LCD display, we know it is the dual standby two way radio, you can check the output power, the main channel and sub-main channel, the battery bar and so on.

It has the Flashlight function, with two sidekey buttons. The microphone port with the kenwood 2pin connector.

An Affordable Ham Radio-Retevis RT85

Not like the DMR radio or other digital model ham radio, Retevis RT85 is the analog mode dual band two way radio, with the high power 5w and low power 1w, you can save more than 200 channels.

It also has the reasonable price, with the retail selling price USD29.99. This price will help the ham radio beginners to own the first ham radio without problem.

More functions of Retevis RT85

Don’t hesitate, get an Affordable Ham radio for beginners-Retevis RT85 from Retevis now!


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