Retevis H777 left(old H777) Right(new H777)

Attention! Retevis H777 model updates!!!

Hello, everyone. In order to give customers better user experience, we have upgraded Retevis H777.

The details of the upgrade are as follows:

 Retevis H777 Top(old H777) Buttom(new H777)
Retevis H777 Top(old H777) Buttom(new H777)

For H777 host port:

Antenna: New H777 antenna is non-removable, the old one can be detached, And they can not be shared.

Battery contact: The new one is in the middle with 1 label, the old one is on the top with 2 labels.

Headphone jack: The headphone jack is the same but the rubber plugs open way is different.

For H777 accessories:

Battery: H777’s battery buttons are different, and they can not be shared.

Back clip: Back clips are different, and not be shared.

Charger: the new one is circular, the old one is square, also can not be shared.

6-way charger: can be shared, but a little tight.

Programming cable: can be shared.

Headset: can be shared.

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