Finding the Best Two way radios for Hair Salon

Best Two way radios for Hair Salon

Now there are lots of Hair Salon use two-way radios as their communication tool.  No matter where are you, the Hair Salons have lots of customers every day, especially in the central developed cities.

As I know, there are different jobs in the Hair Salon, like receptionist, Hair Stylist, Assistant hairstylist and etc. Different title has different work.

How Two-Way Radios help them?

1, When customers enter their Hair Salon store, the receptionist will ask some basic questions about whether they have reservations, whether they have a stylist, etc. Then they call the corresponding hairstylist via two-way radios, at the same time, they will stay with the customer until the hairstylist coming.

2, The hairstylist listened to the customer’s request, and make sure they can do it as the request. Then the hairstylist will call the shampoo Assistant to wash the hair for you via two way radios.

3, When you back, the hairstylist will design your hair for you, or If you want to dye or perm your hair, usually the hairstylist will ask the Assistant hairstylist to do them. They also talk via two-way radios.

4, When your hair is done, and get ready to leave, the hairstylist will talk to the receptionist to help you with the checkout.  Also talk via the walkie talkies.

During the whole process, if you want to ask any questions, you will have someone by your side. If you have any hairstyle requirements, they can pass them on to your stylist immediately. So here the two-way radios help the hair salon work better and faster. And offer the best customer service.

How to choose the Two-way Radios for Hair Salon?

1, License-free radios

For  the hair salon, they don’t have the license, and don’t want to pay any other fee on them, so choose the license-free radios will be better. For the US and CA hair salon, choose the FRS license-free radios, and for europe countries, choose the PMR446 license-free radios.

2, With the headset

The stylist needs to use both hands to cut your hair, so wear headset with the two-way radios to make communication easier.

3, Long-standby battery

Usually the sylist need to work more than 8hours one day, so choose the long-standby radio will meet their requirements, and Will not affect their work due to charging frequently.

Retevis Best Two way radios for Hair Salon

Retevis RT22

License-free radio, lightweight and mini radio, easy to put in your pocket, and have the belt clip, make it easy to hold on your wrist or other places. Also we have the headsets for this mini two way radio, make your work more convenient. It comes with 2pack in the box.

Retevis RT15

The license-free mini two way radios, very easy to operate. make it easy to hold on your wrist or other places. Also we have the headsets for this mini two way radio, make your work more convenient.  Even though it comes with 1pack in the box, but it has the affordable price.

Retevis RT47

This is the license-free radio, and it is the waterproof radio. With the level IP67, make it no worry about the water.  when you wash the hair for your customers, Don’t worry about water splashing into the the radios.


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