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Can Retevis’s Walkie-talkie Talk Directly?

Many walkie-talkies of the same brand can talk directly, and the Retevis walkie-talkie is no exception.

Some of the retevis’s analog walkie-talkie can talk directly

however, some of them only have a part of channels can talk to each other.


Among them, the four models of RT21/RT22/RT24/RT7 walkie-talkies have the same frequency and can talk directly.


The RT27 walkie-talkie and the above four models only have the first 5 channels to talk to each other; and the H777 walkie-talkie only has the 6th and 7th channels to talk directly to this four models walkie-talkie.


The 6th channel of H777 walkie-talkie is the same as the 18th channel of RT27 walkie-talkie; the seventh channel is the same as the 22nd channel of RT27 walkie-talkie. They can talk to each other.


The following is a frequency comparison table for these Retevis walkie-talkies:


The above frequencies are limited to Retevis walkie-talkies purchased in 2018 and later.


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