How to Care for Two Way Radio Li-ion Battery

Li-ion batteries are widely used in our daily life because they have a high energy density, resulting in a much lighter weight than other rechargeable batteries. They are very stable and reliable sources of power for two-way radios. Do you know how to care for a li-ion battery?

Li-ion have some advantages. They hold their charge well, only lose about 5% of their charge per month, However Ni-MH batteries will lose ~20%. You could recharge them before they power off. Li-ion batteries can handle many recharges before the end of their useful life. However, Li-ion batteries have some disadvantages. Li-ion batteries don’t like high temperature. If a Li-ion battery fails, it may rapidly burst into flames. So, when using it, be careful.

It is recommended that Li-ion batteries should always be charged and stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated location. Also take care about the followings;

How to Charge Li-ion Battery

1, Full charge the new battery before use, because when you purchase them no batteries have been fullyl charged.
2, Do not charge batteries with the radio power on except noted in the charger instructions.
3, Charge your Retevis radio batteries in Retevis chargers only.

Li-ion Battery Life and Storage

1, when use a battery which has in storage for long time should be fully recharged.
2, when fully charged battery should be removed. Continuous charging will shorten battery life.
3, Batteries should not be left in chargers in an unmonitored location.
4, After five years, the battery chemistry can become unstable. Better not use beyond this range.
5, Properly dispose/recycle batteries after their useful life.


1, Never use a battery that has been physically damaged or is generating excessive heat.
2, Never charge or use batteries above or below operating temperatures of the radio.
3, Water or any other conductor across the contacts can short circuit the battery, resulting in smoke or flame.
4, Remove a battery past its useful life. And should be disposed of properly.

A li-ion battery is a superior choice for two-way radio radios. Pay basic attention to their use and life, these batteries will perform well with Retevis radios.

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