Retevis light-weight walkie talkies

In daily work, a walkie talkie is more practical than the mobile phone, based on the investigation, a mobile phone may not be the best option for communication on the job site. Compared to a large walkie talkie, some customers much prefer light-weight walkie talkies. They think light-weight radios are easy to carry, if you […]

RT97 portable analog repeater FAQ

RT97 is the only analog repeater of Retevis, it is small size,is : 310x283x170mm,and easy to carry. There are some customers consult RT97 analog repeater recently. It involves how to install, customize, and select a walkie talkie to match it,let’s answer one by one. 1.How do we customize analog repeater? Can we customize many channels? […]

Retevis DMR Radio RT80 Features

Do you know about Retevis DMR Radio RT80? Do you know its features? This blog will list the features of this Mini DMR radio RT80. Retevis RT80 is the UHF band Mini DMR radio, can save up to 999 channels. very suitable for business or outdoor. Retevis DMR Radio RT80 Features   1, The Mini […]

Retevis NOAA walkie talkies introduction

Do you know what is NOAA?NOAA means”National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. ”a radio with NOAA function will receive National Weather Service (NWS) broadcasts 24/7, the  NOAA walkie talkie will broadcast information about the weather, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquake, etc. With the development of production and life, walkie talkies are used in all aspects of […]

Why NOAA Radio Are Necessary During Hurricane Season

NOAA radio may be useful than ever during the hurricane seasons NOAA radio may be useful than ever during the hurricane seasons. Meteorologists with the Colorado State University’s  Tropical Meteorology Project have released their outlook for 2020, and they expect more storms than normal. The group is forecasting 16 named storms. Eight of them becoming […]