High power, far range

Retevis High-Power Two Way Radios

In many cases, people need high-power two way radios to enlarge the communication range. Among Retevis radios, there are several models with high power of 10W, such as RT1,RT29,RT81,RT83,HD1(Only on VHF ),RT50. Now let us take a look at them: RT1:   Feature: High-power 10W, The  communication distance farther High-capacity battery, Long standby time The […]

RT54 used for the construction industry

Two-way radios are widely in use on professional construction projects to help site management coordinate personnel and services to deliver projects safely, on-time and within budget. If you own a constriction company,or is a manager at a construction site,you must want to own walkie talkies when working. As long as you observe any construction site, […]

What do Preppers need to prepare during the COVID-19?

What do Preppers need to prepare during the COVID-19?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. At the beginning of 2020, more and more countries join the coronavirus war. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people and those with underlying medical problems like […]

Retevis Mini License-free Radio RB15/RB615

Mini License-free Radio Retevis RB15/RB615. RB15 is the FRS band license-free radio, and RB615 is the PMR446 version License-free radio. When you make order, please choose the right version. Let’s check the picture first: The specification for Retevis RB15/RB615 The frequency range: FRS band or PMR446 license-free band. The High power: RB15 for 2w and […]

RB15 vibration walkie talkie

In the past, some customers consult us if Retevis has vibration radio, now our  RB15 walkie talkie is released. Many customers need vibration function radio. On some occasions, vibration radio is very useful. when your surrounding environment is very noisy, you need a vibration radio, when having any signals, don’t let you miss anything. Let […]

Introduce of RT76 GMRS walkie talkie

RT76 is Retevis newly released walkie talkie, it is our the first GMRS radio. The GMRS is available to an individual (one man or one woman) for short-distance two-way communications to facilitate the activities of licensees and their immediate family members. The high power of RT76 is 5w, it is higher than FRS radio. So […]