RetevisToys will meet you in Toy World Magazine

Note: The RA15/615 gift event enters the last four hours. Today, RetevisToys and Toy World magazine officially met with you. Really very excited. In Toy World magazine you will see Retevis RT628 rechargeable walkie-talkie and RT34 video walkie-talkie. There are touching stories behind these two walkie-talkies. A week ago, a father sent us a picture. […]

Retevis H777 left(old H777) Right(new H777)

Attention! Retevis H777 model updates!!!

Hello, everyone. In order to give customers better user experience, we have upgraded Retevis H777. The details of the upgrade are as follows: For H777 host port: Antenna: New H777 antenna is non-removable, the old one can be detached, And they can not be shared. Battery contact: The new one is in the middle with […]

How to use RT48 better?

“There must be a piece of clothing in your cupboard that you don’t wear”, “You must always feel that there is a piece of clothing missing in the cupboard.” Why do you feel that there are so many clothes but one is missing? Why did you not want to wear this dress when you bought it yourself?
Fashion is reincarnation, you have to believe that what you have is the best.

Provide more frequencies for European users-RA615

Note: RA615 and RA15 are currently in the giveaway activity, so you can’t miss it. RA615 is a newly launched children’s walkie-talkie suitable for European frequencies. Now it adds 69 channels of LPD433, which not only avoids the communication efficiency due to channel congestion, but also the technology represents the industry’s leading level. Now let’s […]

New-released Children walkie talkie RA15 introduce

Children walkie talkie RA15 is coming! FRS is cyan, PMR446 radio is orange, I like this color very much, bright color walkie talkies, you can find it easily even if you lose it. Characteristic:FRS version US version adds NOAA function,PMR446 version adds LPD433 frequency. At present, only Midland and Motorola have this frequency combination. Children […]

Confession from waterproof RT48

“There are only two seasons a year, you see, it is the peak season; if you don’t see it, it is the off season.”I am a dust-proof and waterproof long-distance walkie-talkie model RT48. My companions have RT47 and RT29.
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we are also looking for someone who can test waterproof series.