headphones guid

Guide to purchasing dedicated earphones

Guide to purchasing dedicated earphones Generally speaking, walkie-talkies are equipped with special walkie-talkies, but when choosing and purchasing walkie-talkies, this important and necessary accessory is often ignored. The second purchase will cost extra money and time, which is also very uneconomic. The following will explain why headphones are important and how to choose the right […]

farm radio and green revolution

How Farm Radios are used in the Green Revolution

How farm radios are used in the green revolution? Farm Radio is a portable walkie-talkie and mobile radio specially designed for fields, farms, and other wide and long-distance fields. Its characteristics mainly include: VHF frequency is the main frequency. VHF frequency has a longer wavelength, which is more suitable for long-distance communication than UHF. It […]

2w and 1h of business radio

2Ws and 1H of business radio

2Ws and 1H of business radio mean what is the business radio, why they use it and how does it work. What: what is the business radio? Business radio is the most common walkie-talkie, but also the most types of a walkie-talkie. According to the nature of work and work needs, it is roughly divided […]

The RT77B you want to have

The RT77B you want to have. Body cameras are mainly used in scenes such as police officers, security companies, property companies and so on. In addition to these work requirements, the body camera can also be used for outdoor entertainment, such as bicycle trips, hiking, etc.. And it can also be used as a dash […]