MURS Two-Way Handheld Radio Retevis RB38V

MURS Two-Way Handheld Radio Retevis RB38V, is the new MURS band walkie talkie. Retevis now has many models MURS radios, like the model RT27V, RT47V,RT21V. These radios are all the MURS band Handheld Two-Way Radios. The handheld transceiver that will receive from other MURS radios, with 5 channels, and with many group ctcss/dcs codes. Will […]

How to programme RT29 with RT97 repeater?

When the radio cannot meet your calling needs, you need to use a repeater to extend the call distance.As a long-distance portable repeater, RT97 is a good choice. If you have a high-power, long-distance, waterproof analog radio RT29 , how to programme RT29 with RT97 ? Set RT97 repeater: 1.Please first note RT97 Stock(UHF or […]

How to programme RT29?

How to programme RT29 in software? RT29 has high power, so the call distance is long. RT29 has two frequency bands: UHF or VHF to choose from. At the same time, RT29 has a big battery capacity, so it can standby long time. And the waterproof function cannot be ignored. Thus many people choose RT29. […]

Retevis GMRS walkie talkies

Retevis has launched new GMRS walkie-talkies, RB75 and RA25 GMRS mobile radios. More and more GMRS walkie-talkies provide customers with more choices. GMRS radio is 5W, which is higher than FRS radio. This is a good choice for customers who want to use the certificate but also want to use long distances walkie talkies. You […]