How to activate the VOX function on Retevis RT69

Most Retevis radios have VOX function, Retevis RT69 is one of them. When the VOX function on the walkie-talkie is activated, you do not need to press the PTT key. Because the VOX function can directly start the transmission operation by voice, which can effectively release the user’s hands. So our communication will get more […]

How to download software from Retevis?

Download software from Retevis? Don’t know how to do? Please read this blog: Retevis.com updated the wesbite, and now the page resourse-center doesn’t work. And we have added the programming software to each product page. The steps: 1, Fill the model  you want to download in the search box, then press enter button. For example, […]

RT97 portable analog repeater FAQ

RT97 is the only analog repeater of Retevis, it is small size,is : 310x283x170mm,and easy to carry. There are some customers consult RT97 analog repeater recently. It involves how to install, customize, and select a walkie talkie to match it,let’s answer one by one. 1.How do we customize analog repeater? Can we customize many channels? […]

How to active the VOX function of RT67?

RT67 is our new release license-free radio, it has bright color,red and orange, it’s a delicate little walkie walkie, and some customers wondering how to active the VOX function of RT67, so what is VOX function?  Turn on this function, you don’t need press PTT button when transmiting. When this functioso is on your working […]