RT1 & Noise-cancelling headset

RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset for Noisy Site

Some customers ask what models to buy in noisy scenarios, such as concert, construction site. Today I recommend a combination, RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset.   The reasons are as follows: First, let’s check features of RT1: 1.High-power 10W, The  communication distance farther and strong signal. 2.High-capacity battery, Long standby time. 3.The Scrambler to ensure the communication […]

Retevis NOAA walkie talkies introduction

Do you know what is NOAA?NOAA means”National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. ”a radio with NOAA function will receive National Weather Service (NWS) broadcasts 24/7, the  NOAA walkie talkie will broadcast information about the weather, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquake, etc. With the development of production and life, walkie talkies are used in all aspects of […]


During Covid-19, You Need a Window Radio RT9908

Since Covid-19, Retevis RT9908 is sold-out round by round. Why does it suddenly appeal to so many people? In this article I would like to talk about it.   First, about its feature. 1.Two-way voice intercom communications technology,  automatic identification of processing speech signals during a call does not require  any action. 2.Comprehensive application of […]