In Flood Rescue, You Deserve a Best Radio

It is in summer, rain comes more frequently, in many areas of the world, flood spreads. In order to survive for people living in areas facing flood risk and make the recue smoothly for rescuing staff and organizations, proper tool kits like waterproof radios are extramely demanded. Retevis company are developing new models based on […]

New-released Children walkie talkie RA15 introduce

Children walkie talkie RA15 is coming! FRS is cyan, PMR446 radio is orange, I like this color very much, bright color walkie talkies, you can find it easily even if you lose it. Characteristic:FRS version US version adds NOAA function,PMR446 version adds LPD433 frequency. At present, only Midland and Motorola have this frequency combination. Children […]

Giveaway activity-New product RA15

A number of innovations have been made in function and manufacturing, achieving both internal and external repairs.The giveaway activity startes now.New product highlights of RA15:FRS 22 Channel is equipped with NOAA;PMR 16 Channel is  equipped with LPD433  69 Channel;Foam support, no damage when dropped;24 hours continuous battery life.

Children’s walkie-talkie RA15 is coming soon

Attention: RETEVIS’s new radio RA15 is expected to arrive at the end of July. RA15 children’s walkie-talkie has made many innovations. Add NOAA function in FRS frequency mode; add LPD in PMR frequency mode, which is currently available for only three brands on the market. In addition, a foam support is added after the battery shrapnel so that the walkie-talkie falls without damage, and the headphone jack function is added. Realize both internal and external training.

Which models to choose for beginners?

Some customers are consulting about 2 way radios, who have never used them before, here I would like to introduce some tips for this kind of buyer. Firstly, try License-free radio. Click this colum on, and you will directed to choose your country, for example, if you are from US, then all FRS license-free […]

Outdoor use walkie talkies

Many customers use walkie-talkies outdoors, such as sanitation workers, security guards, or construction workers, people often bring walkie-talkies when traveling by car.Whether it is entertainment or life, walkie-talkies have a place in everyday life. So when you work outdoors, which outdoor use walkie talkie should you bring? What characteristics are necessary? 1. High battery or […]

How many Noise Reduction Headphones are available?

Some customers who inquire Noise Reduction Headphone, it can be used many occasions, such as noisy factory, race track and construction site. Retevis newly released EHK007-M/K Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones and High-Quality Rear Mounted Noise Reduction Earmuff, this protects your ears from damage in noisy environments. Besides, Retevis also has 3 Noise-Canceling headsets, […]