How to build the Car repeater System?

Retevis RT97 is the mini mobile repeater, you can build the car repeater system. You need to use: RT97 Portable Repeater 5M Coaxial Cable Stainless Steel Mobile Radio Antenna Mobile Car Vehicle Antenna Mount Bracket Car Charger Cable Install power and host Car Power- Take power from the car cigarette lighter.Connect 4P connector to RT97 […]

Retevis light-weight walkie talkies

In daily work, a walkie talkie is more practical than the mobile phone, based on the investigation, a mobile phone may not be the best option for communication on the job site. Compared to a large walkie talkie, some customers much prefer light-weight walkie talkies. They think light-weight radios are easy to carry, if you […]

RT1 & Noise-cancelling headset

RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset for Noisy Site

Some customers ask what models to buy in noisy scenarios, such as concert, construction site. Today I recommend a combination, RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset.   The reasons are as follows: First, let’s check features of RT1: 1.High-power 10W, The  communication distance farther and strong signal. 2.High-capacity battery, Long standby time. 3.The Scrambler to ensure the communication […]

Super Mini License-free Radio RB19 RB619

Super Mini License-free Radio RB19 RB619, it is the Retevis new model. Super Mini and thin,  with the simple design, will be the best choice for family, business and outdoor to use. Let’s check the radio first: Simple design Front only have 3  buttons: Up, down button and menu button. Two sides( left and right) […]