2021 Best Selling MURS walkie talkies

2021 Best Selling MURS walkie talkies The MURS radio frequencies are similar to the use of FRS frequencies, except that the MURS frequencies are VHF and the FRS frequencies are UHF. What’s MURS walkie talkies? In the United States, the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) is a licensed by rule two-way radio service. Similar to Citizens Band (CB). Established by […]

Retevis RT47 with MURS

Retevis RT47 with MURS brings you more!

Retevis RT47 has released a new MURS frequency band, which gives consumers more choice and allows users to choose their frequency mode based on their purpose of use. The best MURS radio is ideal for short-range communication. It does not require potential users to get a MURS license or certification to transmit via MURS frequencies. […]