New Mobile Radio

MOBILE RADIO Is Going To Have A New Member!

CONTACT RETEVIS 20,0000 Contacts, 200 Hours Recording Function, GPS(External GPS Antenna Included). Remote Emergency Alarm Function, DTMF function(DTMF, Connect to the repeater; analog individual call, Group Call, All Call, ANI, Remote kill and Stun) Private Call Group call All Call Scan Remote Kill Remote revive Repeater/talk around mode MSG Call log Voice encryption Repeater roaming […]

RT76P GMRS with screen radio is coming!

Retevis just released a new GMRS walkie talkie RT76P, comparing with RT76, RT76P has a keyboard and screen, is more convenient to use. The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 MHz. The most common use of GMRS channels is for short-distance, two-way voice […]

Giveaway activity-New product RA15

A number of innovations have been made in function and manufacturing, achieving both internal and external repairs.The giveaway activity startes now.New product highlights of RA15:FRS 22 Channel is equipped with NOAA;PMR 16 Channel is  equipped with LPD433  69 Channel;Foam support, no damage when dropped;24 hours continuous battery life.



RB35 is a new business walkie-talkie with Good sound quality and high-cost performance. Innovation  ONE: Channel locking. The Channel locking function can be done with the side key on the walkie-talkie. You can make it without modification through the programming cable. It greatly facilitates those consumers who cannot easily operate through the programming cable. At […]


New Product release -Retevis RA15(RA615)

Retevis RA15(RA615) will be released soon by Retevis, they are children’s walkie-talkie suitable for outdoor use. This children’s walkie-talkie has delicate workmanship,and it has two colors. Orange and green are two colors more attractive for young children. As for North American users, we equip RA15 with NOAA for FRS walkie-talkie models. With NOAA All Radio […]


Have a look at the new product ——green RT49P!

Green RT49P(RT649P) is an outdoor walkie-talkie with simple operation and superior performance. Green RT49P(RT649P) outdoor walkie-talkie is a new product with a unique 1.25-inch LCD display. We’ve improved the flash, a 10mm flash, it can illuminate a wider range with higher brightness. When an alarm occurs, a brighter and larger flash is more likely to […]