Retevis Two-way Radio builds campus safety

Campus safety is the guarantee for faculty and students to study at ease. Recently, news about campus bullying, fires, and suicides have once again alerted us. Campus safety is the foundation of the physical and mental health of faculty and staff. Retevis Two-way Radio builds campus safety. RetevisRB38V is very helpful for the campus tour […]

2021 Retevis New Models Collection

2021 Retevis New Models Collection. Do you know how many models Retevis recently released? Here we will summary these models and  mark the features to help you purchasing.  New Models Digital Portable Mini Repeater RT97P The apperance is similar to the model RT97, but the RT97P with the digital mode, can extend the digital mode […]

New Product RB38V Explores The Urban Farm

RB38V has a display, which can clearly display the channel and volume. In addition, RB38V has a small body, detachable antenna and simple operation, so it is very convenient to carry and use. The RB38V is light, and it is very light to hang on the body without any burden. Urban farms are also too suitable for use. What do you think is the best place about urban farms