How to Choose a Suitable Earpiece for Radio

Two way radio is becoming more and more close to our daily lives. The walkie talkie accessories is widespread known by people. Yesterday, one customer sent me email and asked: i got my new RT5 radio, how can i find a suitable earpiece for it? Today, we are here to talk about how to choose a suitable earpiece for your walkie talkies. As we all known, One earpiece could not suitable for all walkie talkies. Well, what is the difference among them? How to choose a suitable one for my radio? Different walkie talkies use different earpieces, the key point is about the pins.

The following pictures show the standard earpiece pin. Check what type you need to buy. The common earpiece pin corresponding to the radio model on the market, the following details will help you find a correct headphone for your two way radio.

1, Retevis / Baofeng / Kenwood 2 pin;

It not only suitable for kenwood radios, also suitable for Baofeng radio. Such as BF UV5R /UV5RV /888S and so on. But also suitable for Retevis radios, for example: RT5R /RT5RV /H777/ RT5 / RT7 / RT81/RT21 etc.


2, Motorola earpiece 2 pin


3, Motorola 1 pin


4, Icom earpiece 2 pin


5, HYT earpiece 2 pin


6, Midland 2 pin;midland-2-pin

All above is only a little part of the details of headsets pin, but for common two way walkie talkies, it is enough to use. If you have any other radio models, and you don’t know how to find a correct headphone for it, pls email me to,  I will do my best to help you.

In fact, Walkie talkie headset is a combination of PTT, MIC and (SPK) headphones, which makes the use of radio more convenient. When used, simply plug the headphone pin into the headphone jack of the radio, Fixed with a line card in the collar, Put the headset into the ear. If it is the initial use you should test the headset. Press the PTT button and testing. If other people can hear you clearly, it means the headset working normally.


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