Cost-effective digital walkie talkie RB25

RB25 is Retevis newly released digital walkie talkie, is a highly cost-effective radio. In terms of use effect, the sound quality of digital two-way radios is better than that of analog two-way radios, and the call quality is excellent, so it is loved by customers. So what is the advantage of RB25? Let’s look at it together.

1. RB25 is high cost-effective walkie talkie;

RB25 just is sold 59.99USD, compared to other digital walkie-talkies, the price is quite competitive. Generally speaking, digital walkie-talkies are generally more expensive, this makes some commercial companies shun them. Now RB25 is cost-effective radios, even some small business companies can afford it. Such as construction sites, security company and so on.

2. It is a high power walkie talkie

The software of RB25 has two levels, high is 10w, low is 1w, meet different communication circumstance. High Power digital mode, call quality, strong anti-interference, and more obviously confidentiality performance.

3. It has a strong and durable shell.

RB25 has a durable rugged shell: completed with a hard case outside, supports using for years, especially for business and outdoor use, like at the construction field, security work, survival rescue.

Other important functions:

32 channels

Single call/group call/all call

Color code (0~15)

LED Flashlight

Power saving/low voltage alarm

Monitoring, squelch 1~10

Ending cancellation

Side key definition



Encryption function

Relay/disconnection function

Wide/narrowband selection

Above is a brief introduction to cost-effective walkie-talkies, Here is the link:  If you need more information about high cost-effective walkie talkie, please email freely.

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