Digital Emergency System on Retevis RT3S

Digital dual band DMR radio Retevis RT3S comes with an emergency system, users can custom program the sidekey to active an emergency call or voice to the base station or to other radios, and the identity of the person issuing the alarm is shown to devices with display.

What do you need?

First, You need have a RT3S radio.

Secondly, download RT3S software from

How does RT3S emergency system works?

There have 4 different alarm type and 3 different alarm mode.

Four Alarm Type:

  1. You cant send emergency alarm to any radios.
  2. Normal emergency alarm.
  3. No alarm tone from your radio.
  4. Silent W/Voice. No alarm tone from your radio, but can send VOX voice to target radio.

Three alarm mode:

  1. On Emergency Alarm mode, your radio will have an alarm. And the target radio Signal light will green flash.

2. On Emergency Alarm W/Call, you radio will have an alarm , the target radio signal light flash green and you can send a emergency call to the target radio.

3.On emergency alarm w/Voice to Follow, the target radio signal light flash green and will receive a VOX audio.

How to active the RT3S emergency system?

Set the Digital Emergency System in the software.

Select the emergency system for one target channel.

Buttons Definitions, you can set the side button to active or turn off Emergency.

When your employees work alone, in remote areas, or in a potentially dangerous environment, then you need emergency features on your two way radios. These features are essential for health and safety, and you will often find them used on oil rigs, in warehouses, by security guards, engineers or health workers.  If you have any questions about RT3S emergency system, please email to


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