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Do you have a QSL card? A guide to making your QSL card

Do you have a QSL card? A guide to making your QSL card. I have read a story about a ham’s final goal is to collect all the QSLcards from each country. Almost every ham has an individual QSL card and other QSL cards from other hams after they have received each other. For new preppers or two-way radio lovers, they may not know what a QSL card is, or they don’t have their QSL card. This blog is a guide to make your QSL card.

what is a QSL card?

From Wikipedia description, “A QSL card is a written confirmation of either a two-way radio communication between two amateur radio stations.” In general, there are three ways to exchange the QSL card: 

First, directly exchange. Means two hams build a connection, and they exchange the QSL card for each other.

Second, through the QSL bureau. Many countries and areas built some local QSL Bureau. their responsibilities are receiving the QSL card from locals and sending the card to other countries’ QSL bureau, and they will send the QSL card to individuals. 

Last, through QSL Manager. QSL Manager will help hams receiving and sending QSL cards. In this way, the hams can protect their location from information disclosure.

How to design your QSL card?

Size: 14-15cm long, 9-10cm wide;

Content: qsl card information


operator’s name and address

callsign of the station being contacted



signal report


mode of operation

equipment used

Pse/Tnx QSL



A guide to making your QSL card. Do you know how to use the QSL cards? Hurry to design your card. If you’re already using them, share them in the comments section.

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