Do you know what are the advantages of RT50?

RT50 has many advantages,it is a sturdy, fashional DMR Retevis radio, and the display is hidden digital tube,so it is popular with our customers. About the detailes, Let me introduce it for you.

1. RT50 is DMR digital radio,and the display is a hidden digital tube.

RT50 is DMR digital radio, it is with digital and analogue mode two way radio. However,it hasn’t screen,its display is a hidden digital tube. So if you are like digital radio,and don’t like screen, RT50 is a better choice. And it haven’t screen, it will save much electricity.

2. RT50 is a high power radio.

RT50 is a 10W radio, so it can support long distance communication, so when using the radio, don’t need worry it can’t satisfy your call distance, and the battery is 2200mAh, so if need long time to work, I suggest you use a RT50,it is comvenient, and can maintain long conversations.

3. IP67 waterproof radio.

RT50 is IP67 waterproof radio, you can use it and don’t worry the surrounding.

So if you usually hiking,go to the wet environment, you can carry a RT50 walkie talkie, it is a better choice.

4. RT50 has six way charger,supply a multiply choice for you.

RT50 has six-way charger, so if you use many RT50 walkie talkies, and if you use a multiply charger, it is very convenient,and the six-way charger can charge 6 radios at the same time, and allows you to charge more efficient and faster. Here is the link:

RT50 has many other important functions,such as 2 zone, 198 channels, 200 contacts, Single/group/all call, 2 time slot direct mode (DCDM) and so on.

Now do you have a clear understanding about  RT50’s advantages now? If you have any question,please contact freely.


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