Duplex Wireless business Calling Device RT57

Retevis Wireless business Calling Device, with the Duplex mode like the phone, It help you to build the intercom system. Perfect for family and office. Remember the model RT57

What are the different from the other brand?

Duplex work mode

Yes, our RT57 with the duplex work mode, you can talk to another users if they are speaking at the same time.

But in the market, there are lots of devices similar with us but with the simplex mode. You can not talk to others if they are speaking.

How to use this Wireless device RT57?

1, Set Number of your own RT57

Press Call button to connect it to the power, When numbers flashes in the display, press <▲> or <▼> to select desired number and start it up again.

2, Making call to other RT57

Dial the other RT57 number, then press call one time and the key light twinkles. The light will be out if there is no response from the other party in 10 seconds. When the other party responds, the light for <CALL> goes on and two sides can talk. When the call ends, any side can press <CALL> to stop.

3, Receving calls from other RT57

When the Wireless Calling device RT57 is receiving a call from the other party, alert tone sounds and keypad lights up. You can press <CALL> to respond, and the light is on. At the moment, two sides can talk to each other. When the talk ends, either side can press <CALL> to stop calls.

4. Group Calls

Press < # > to make announcements to each other all users. When you finish talking, press <CALL> to stop calls.

5. Answer to a Group Call

When a Group Call is received, press <CALL> to make a response if you need answer immediately. The moment light blinks and lasts long, you can respond. When the call ends, press <CALL> to quit but target beeper cannot.

6. Communication with walkie-talkie

When an analogue radio equipment is set to a channel that is in the same TX frequency, RX frequency and tone as your beeper, press < * > to talk with the radio equipment on the same channel and listen to incoming calls. (It is limited only to analogue equipment.)

What are in the packages?

  • 1 x RT57 Wireless business Calling Device
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual

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