During Covid-19, You Need a Window Radio RT9908

Since Covid-19, Retevis RT9908 is sold-out round by round. Why does it suddenly appeal to so many people? In this article I would like to talk about it.


First, about its feature.

1.Two-way voice intercom communications technology,  automatic identification of processing speech signals during a call does not require  any action.

2.Comprehensive application of electro-acoustic  technology experience, the selection of high performance electro-acoustic circuit  design, the output power up to 3W, voice clear and loud voice distinguished high.

3.Inside and outside the two-way voice signal output(recording  by the bank teller), a stereo jack output mode can prevent voice recording function  controlled by the power switch and the function buttons.


Second, about application scenarios.

Bank, securities, hospital, bus station where guard glass against theft is installed.

And specially, during this Covid-19 period, RT9908 could help you sitting inside the glass window, while customer outside, you two communicating normally without any personal contact, which make you safe to run your business.


If you want to know more about what to prepare during Covid-19, pls click:


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