Firmware Upgrade of RT3 & RT8 (1)

The latest Firmware Update of Retevis RT3 & RT8

02/24/2017 — The latest Firmware Information is Updated now . we add one RT3 without GPS new vocoder file . And Please download the file on Facebook Offers ( For Free of course ) . You could Like and follow our Facebook Page to Get more Retevis services and special offers . Now let’s see how to download and update the latest Firmware below —

retevis firmware



Firmware Update Contents

1.Add side key to transmit 1750.
2.Fix machine crashes of some new radio LCD screens more stably .

Firmware Update preparations

1.Know your vocoder versions . And that’s why your radio kept repetitive starting when you choose the unmatched version .See how to check about it below :

Open your radio ,Click “Utilities”–”Radio Infor”–”Versions”. Then it will show the vocoder version Infor of this radio . And just take a RT3 as an example  :

Firmware Upgrade of RT3 & RT8.

2. After you download the Firmware on Facebook , please read the note before updating firstly , It will help you choose the suited vocoder versions .

retevis firmware


Operation Steps

Still take this RT3 as an example ,see attached pictures below:
1.Open the Firmware file ,click the red part “Upgrade”.


Firmware Upgrade of RT3 & RT8

2.Then it will show a box


Firmware Update of RT3 & RT8 (2)


3.Connect your radio to the computer via programming cable . And hold PTT and the key which is upon the PTT together ,meanwhile open the radio power , the light near the knob will light up with green and red , then you can leave your hands off to start next step.


4.Find the only one “bin” file ,put it somewhere you could easily check about .Cause next we will click “Open Update File” to make the “bin” file into that green part .Then choose the “Download Update File” .


Firmware Upgrade of RT3 & RT8 (1)

5.Finished the process with showing a success prompt by computer . Restart the radio is ok.
And by the way ,the problems you got when Updating such as system halted or kept rebooting ,all because they were installed with unmatched firmware version. So just re-download the suited one to update again it’ll be fine.


377 thoughts on “The latest Firmware Update of Retevis RT3 & RT8

    1. And about the Firmware you received ,remember unzip the file firstly and then choose’Firmware for RT3 old vocoder’ which is suited for your radio.

  1. Hi dear

    using the 3.008 firmware update I see the contacts names truncated .
    could you please send me an update to solve this kind of issues ?

    1. Pls check on your Email dear,the firmware is already waiting for you .And if there is any other problems , remember i’m here to help.

    1. Ni hao ,dear Paul~ Sure you could get it ,just have a check about ur mail,and don’t forget unzip the file firstly.Any other problems when you get after that pls tell me to help.

    1. Pls check about ur Email,Unzip the file firstly then choose the suited one.Any problems happened pls tell me to help .

  2. What is the latest firmware for RT3?

    And what is your official position about the patched firmwares that add some very interesting function like for example all the DMR ID database contact list?

    Thanks, please send me if possible latest firmware.

      1. Hi Zoe,
        received and flashed successfully, thanks a lot!
        Final question: is the 1750Hz tone by side key also available for D003.020 (RT3 old voc / no GPS9? How to set up this by the CPS?

        BR… Bert

  3. im sorry but im new do we go about getting both upgrades for our radio’s.i see i fall into the group with the older software and software..thanks

    1. Well ,you have to check about the radio infor firstly ,If it is like S00X.XXX ,it sure be an old Vocoder .If it is like S01X.XXX ,it sure be a new Vocoder .

    1. Such a gentleman you are 🙂 .Glad u made it and if there is anything else wrong ,pls let me know it.
      And By the way ,I’m Zoe not Zheo,LOL ~

  4. Dear Zoe,

    I just received my RT3.
    I download and installed the CPS 1.30 and USB driver on Windows7, but when connecting to the PC, there is no way to read or write CPS paramters to the RT3.
    In the periphericals, i see well “STM Device in DFU Mode” under USB controlers (2 files are in details : “C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\klfltdev.sys (from Kaspersky Lab ZAO) and C:\Windows\system32\drivers\STTub30.sys (from STMicroelectronics version 3.0B)

    The RT3 Firmware is D013.009, CPS 1.30. Is my problem linked to the Program Radio password ? Is there a default password to be entering here ?

    Thank you in advanced for your answers

    1. Please have a second try when you receive the firmware and software i sent ,then it wouldn’t be a problem for you i trust.

  5. Hi Zoe,

    Could I get the latest firmware for my RT3
    Firmware version :D002.034 CP VER:V01.30

    Thanks and 73 Remi W5/F6CNB

  6. Good morning.
    I have one RT3, firmware 3008.
    The problem is autosetting volume alwais, very noise tihs problem.
    Solution ?

  7. Dear Zoe,
    thank you for sending the new Firmware for my RT3.
    before updating it was D002.034, CP vers. V01.30,
    afte updating it is D003.008, CP vers. V01.32.
    Afte the update-process I started the RT3 Radio Program Software (my current Version is 1.30.0) but in the Menu ‘Buttons Definition’ I can’t see the Option 1750Hz so I tried the Radio Program Software for the RT8 and activated the 1750Hz-option for the upper side button. After writing back the new configuration to my RT3 still does not work. Could it be, that the 1750 Hz-feature is working only on the RT8?

  8. Dear Zoe, thanks for your very quick and good support so far! In the meantime I bought a RT8 too. The current FW is S013.009, the CP is V 01.34. Can you send me the latest firmware please ? Thanks a lot !

  9. Hi Zoe
    I have just purchased a Retevis RT-RT8, The firmware version is D013.009 and the CP version is 01.30. Is this the latest Firmware or is there a updated one please ?

  10. I got a new RT8 with firmware S013.009 CP VER V01.34, I must update the firmware? where I can found the programming software?

  11. Hello. I uae a new Retevis RT 8 with Fi.rmware D 002.034 and CP Version V 01.36. Can i have the new firmware please?

  12. Thank you for sending the new firmware.
    I forgot to write i have RT 8 without GPS. Can i use the firmware without GPS-Funktion too?

  13. Hi zoe,
    Please can you send me the last firmware for RT8-GPS. My actual firmware is:
    Firmware ver. S013.009
    CP ver. V01.36

    Thank you

    1. Now the situation is that if the firmware is not well-operated ,the radio will die totally and completely.Then the radio should be back to China Factory to be fixed for free. But we won’t pay for the shipping cost. So if the radio has been used well , we don’t suggest people who are not very technical to update it .Anyway i will still send the firmware to you .Just so you know the risk.

  14. Hello Zoe,
    in recent RT3 programming software there ist 1750 HZ function to add to side buttons but independent which button i choose now real function after upload to my device.
    If this is firmware related please send recent firmware to ma e-mail adress below.
    System information of my device:
    Firmware: D002.034
    CP Ver: V01.32
    Thanks for your patience with the ham radio freaks

    1. Now the situation is that if the firmware is not well-operated ,the radio will die totally and completely.Then the radio should be back to China Factory to be fixed for free. But we won’t pay for the shipping cost. So if the radio has been used well , we don’t suggest people who are not very technical to update it .Anyway i will still send the firmware to you .Just so you know the risk.

  15. Now the situation is that if the firmware is not well-operated ,the radio will die totally and completely.Then the radio should be back to China Factory to be fixed for free. But we won’t pay for the shipping cost. So if the radio has been used well , we don’t suggest people who are not very technical to update it .Anyway i will still send the firmware to you .Just so you know the risk.

  16. Hey Zoe,
    first of all – thanks for the fast and professional replay by sending full rt3 & rt8 firmware packages within 12h – phantastic service – the big Japanes and German competitors could learn a lot from you and your company.
    Also your patience with the, sometimes stupid hamradio geeks is really nice.

    Pleae allow one more question:
    Firmware update proceeded with out any error message.
    Firmware info changed from D002.034 to D003.008.
    Independent the topic with non working 1750 Hz tone is still open.
    With the programming software it is possible to assign the 1750 Hz. function to the side buttons, but independent how to use – before – while – after pushing PTT button no tone appear in a second device on any mode ( digital / analog ).

    Actually i believing on two possibilities :
    a.) the problem sits in fron of the device and it`s not able to find the right using advices in internet and manual.

    b.) the hardware of rt3 is not able to generate a 1750 Hz tone and software feature is only for rt8 type,

    It would be phantastic to get your confirmation of a or b or better you know a solution c and would like to advise me and probably some other rt3 users how to do !

    Greetings from Germany to China.

  17. Hi Zoe, the 1750 Hz works fine with the RT-8 (new Vocoder) after updating the Firmware. But with my RT-3 I made the same experience as Richard. Therefore I am dealing with the same question. Just a guess: could it be that for the RT-3 the 1750Hz tone only works in the RT-3 version with new vocoder?

      1. Hello Zoe,
        thanks for feedback.
        Generally it “has” 1750 Hz. Function but it doesn’t work.
        ( Setting to 1st. Side button is done but no reaction by pressing )
        Probably it’s a “user mistake” – please send a link to a workaround or manual how to use the 1750 Hz. Funktion.
        Thanks a lot in advance.

  18. Hi Zoe, Can I please have a copy of the original D013.009 Firmware for my RT3 please? As I tried to upgrade but it went wrong.I now get the the constant reboot problem.
    Many thanks for your help


  19. Can I please have the RT3 firmware to upgrade from D.002.034 and CP V01.32
    Thanks. I understand the risks. I have done a lot of radio / phone upgrading in the past.


  20. Hello,
    I have purchased a RT8.
    My firmware is D013.009 and cp is v01.36. I don’t know if I have the option GPS included.
    Is it the lastest firmware ?
    thank you
    Michaël ON7KGK

    1. Hhhhhhhh ~ Hello Michael,glad to see you again and thx for choosing Retevis finally ! Well The one who talked to you on Twitter was me . But where you bought the RT8 ? How could you don’t know wheather it is GPS version or not ? Well ,back to the topic of Firmware ,it’s already on your mailbox ,pls have a check about it .

  21. Hello Zoe Chen

    I think i dit what wrong with my retevis 3tr.
    he give only welcome in the screen, a beep and welcome.
    Can i repair this with the original firmware?
    Can you send it to my please.

    Thank you


  22. Hello Zoe Chen,
    please be so kind to send me the new firmware. My Retevis RT3: S/N: 201603RT30888
    Firmware: D003.008, CP Vers.: V1.30.
    Best regards,

  23. Hi Zoe
    I have just purchased a Retevis RT8-GPS, The firmware version is D013.020 and the CP version is 01.36. Is this the latest Firmware or is there a updated one please ?
    Best regards

    Uli (DO9ULI)

  24. Hi Zoe
    I have just purchased a Retevis RT3, The firmware version is D02.030 and the CP version is 01.30. Is this the latest Firmware or is there a updated one please ?
    Best regards

    Uli (DO9ULI)

  25. Hi Zoe,
    I have purchased a rt3 CP ver 01.32 firmware do13.020 Vhf radio is this the latest firmware for this radio.
    Best regards,

  26. Hi Zoe,

    I just received my RT8 from ebay (with GPS).
    fw version is S013.009 and CP V01.36.

    I cannot operate GPS, i also didn’t understand difference from GPS1 to GPS15, which should I select?

    And should I update fw?

    thanks in advance, marco

  27. Hi,

    I wish to use another signalling tone in analog channel. Instead of DTMF I whish to use CCIRR.
    It is a very similar signalling system, but only one frequency is assigned to each digit, instead of two like in DTMF.
    It is possible to update fw in such a way I can freely assign a frequency to each digit instead of using DTMF fixed frequencies?

    thanks in advance, Marco
    PS:please contact me in my email, I glad to have a direct contact with sw developer in order to explain me better

  28. Hello. I have a Retells RT-8 without GPS and the Firmware is D002.034 and CP Version is V01.36.
    Have you new Firmware and what is the new or better in the new firmware?
    Thank you

    1. Hello,the firmware is for fixing machine crashes of some new radio LCD screens and add side key to transmit 1750.If your radio works well ,we don’t advice to update.

  29. Hi,

    it is possible to use a different signalling system than DTMF.
    My organisation is using CCIR or ZVEI.

    Also they do add FFSK signalling to the analog communication to send GPS data.

    Is this possible?

    Kindly regards,

  30. Hi,

    my RT3 has the following versions.
    Firmware: D002.034
    CP: V01.30

    Please could I get the accurate firmware for this radio?

    Many thanks in advance.


  31. Hello Zoe
    On my RT3 with the old Vocoder the 1750Hz won’t work.The 1750Hz can programmed to side key 1 or 2 but in don’t transmit ton tone by pushing the side button.

    73 Florian DG5HFS

  32. Hi Zoe,
    I would like to ask you to forward the newest FW for my RT3.
    current Firmware version is D002.034 CP VER:V01.30


    Klaus DG4FBC

      1. I have a Blank screen problem (radio shows only white screen) but it transmits, changes channels, and receives fine, it seems just display is not working correctly.

        I have tried to upgrade firmware with Retevis-Vocoder-RT3-D13.14.bin that you sent me, but when upgrading it shows dialog in chinese at the end. I don’t know if firmware was updated, because screen still doesn’t work, it’s white. Should I return the radio or is it firmware problem, because in description Operation.pdf it says: “2. Solve the problem of blank display “

  33. Hej!
    I got a brandnew RT3.AT first glance it makes a good impression
    It has Firmware Ver.: D013.009, and
    CP VER.: V01.32
    Is this the current version?
    My problem is that I never hear a sound when listening into a channel. The squelch cannot be turned off!
    Do you know a reason for my misfortune?
    Thanks for quick answer!

    Volker, DL9VH

  34. Hello Zoe,

    I have a RETEVIS RT8 with GPS, versions:
    Firmware: S013.009
    CP Ver: V01.36

    Please Zoe, can you send me the lastest update?
    Thank you.

  35. Hello Mrs. Chen,
    I’ve got the RT3 with the firmware D013.009, CP Ver. V01.30.
    Can you send me the latest firmware and software updates?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards

  36. Hi Zoe,
    I have a new RT-3 with Firmware ver: D013.020, and CP ver: V01.32. I have noticed while scanning analog channels, the radio behaves like I have priority scan set (transmissions are interrupted for about 0.5 seconds every 2 seconds). I have not set priority scan at all. I have also noticed while receiving a transmission, occasionally the screen will change to an all-white screen with a random character in the top-left corner. This only lasts for about a second. I would like to try the latest firmware to see if this fixes these issues. I am aware of the risks. Thank you in advance, and have a great day!

    1. Just a followup…
      I discovered the “priority scan” was a programming error on my part (apparently I had to specify ‘none’ in the priority channel). However, the random white-display with the random character in the top left corner still persists. Again, I would like to see if the most recent firmware fixes this. Please send me the file for the most recent firmware for the “new vocoder”. Thank you in advance!

      1. Sent to you ,and it would be better if you could send me a picture of the problem .Anyway ,please let me know the result of it . Mail

  37. i have just got a new rt8 , can you please advise what the latest firmware version is ,
    my radio shows s013.009 v01.34
    the radio is locking up sometimes requiring the radio to be switched off and on
    thanks rickie

  38. I’ve purchased a new Retevis RT3 from eBay, just got it yesterday. The Firmware seems to be D003.020 VER: CP V01.30. Should I upgrade it to a newer one? Is it possible to update the vocoder or is it fixed somehow? Previously I’ve used competing DMR brands and radios, this is the first Retevis for me. The build quality seems nice so far. 🙂

    1. I think the blog clearly said that the firmware is for fixing the white screen and add 1750Hz function .I’ll send you the firmware and it is you who decides use or not .

  39. Hello Mrs. Chen,
    thank you for the RT3-update – the new firmware works good.
    Today I’ve got the RT8 with GPS and the firmware S013.020, CP Ver. V01.36.
    Can you also send me the latest firmware and software updates for
    this Radio?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards
    Jo, DH1SJ

    FIRMWARE D013.O14
    CP VER V01.30
    is this the latested update or is there an update you can send me please

  41. Hi Zoe, I have an RT3 with firmware D002.034 and CP ver V01.32. Would you please send me any updates for this radio.


  42. Dear Zoe

    Thank you for the quick response.
    I have downloaded the file and found in the
    files 2 fw upgrades one to the old vocoder
    and one to the new.
    My FW is D 002.034 and V 01.32.
    I don’t want to brick the tr3 and when I read the
    instructions With this both firmwares I cannot
    upgrade tot the newest FW. So I read it seams to be that I
    must first upgrade to the FW D3.08 and after that
    to FW D13.14.

    Please tell me or I am right and if so can you send me the
    FW D 3.08 wich seems to be needed to start the upgrade
    in my case.

    Thank you for your attention and support.
    73 Jan

  43. Dear Zoe

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    I have read another time the instructions and
    guess that there is a difference betwee two hardware versions
    wich my tr3 is V1.00 an I only need to upgrade to D 3.08
    version wich is/was in the received file.

    Thank you again.

    73 Jan

    1. Glad to hear your good news ,sorry for the delay reply .Maybe you could join our Retevis Communication Club on Facebook.Our Radio Family–

  44. Hello, during the programming process, the software are aborted upload to radio.
    Now, during programming radio, the software ask a password, but i don’t have set any password yet.
    How i can solve this problem?

    FIRMWARE D013.O14
    CP VER V01.30
    is this the latested update or is there an update you can send me please

  46. Hello Not sure about Firmware update. What is the latest for RT3 HT My unit shows D002.034 & Vo1.32

    Is it true that MD380 firmware is exactly the same for the RT3 … ??
    What is the D013.020 firmware details ….Is that only for units with GPS installed.

    Is you can clarifiy and send me the proper firmware to consider upgrading to !

    Thank you

    1. What i sent is the only and latest firmware for now .RT3 don’t have GPS function and why mention that ?
      This only firmware is for fixing the white screen and add a 1750hz function .It clearly showed on blog and that’s all .

  47. Hi zoe,
    I’m using RT8-GPS and it is a great radio.
    My actual firmware is:
    CP ver. V01.36

    Please Zoe, is there a newer firmware for my RT8-GPS?
    Thank you

  48. Hello I am in a bit of a mess I have a Retevis RT3 but I dont know the vocoder as I updated before I seen what it was now my radio restarts and screen is upside down please help

    thank you in advance

  49. First try…
    Zoe, can you send me a copy of the latest firmware for my retevis rt3
    my firmware version is D013.009
    the CP ver is V01.32
    If this is the latest version, pse send it anyway so that i can keep it safe ( for experimenting purposes)
    Mni tnks


  50. Hello, what is the difference between old Vocoder radios and new Vocoder radios?
    better hardware, better range, better sound quality, better compatibility with mototrbo or something else?


  51. My Transceiver : RT8 VHF GPS

    ok thank you very much.
    Igot the firmware files.
    But wich vocoder is my vocoder ?
    Have i the new or the old vocoder ?
    Wich file can i use ?

    Best greetings

  52. Hi Zoe, do you have a new firmware for my RT8 UHF GPS ?
    My firmware : S013.020
    CP Ver. VO1.36
    Best greetings
    Peter from Slovakia

  53. >”Hi Zoe, do you have a new firmware for my RT8 UHF GPS ?
    >My firmware : S013.020
    >CP Ver. VO1.36
    >Best greetings
    >Peter from Slovakia”

    Hi Zoe,
    please, I make the same request of Peter
    Lucio, from Rome-Italy

  54. Hi Zoe,

    do you have a new firmware for my RT8 UHF GPS ?
    My firmware : S013.020
    CP Ver. VO1.36

    BTW a great radio – well done!!!

  55. I have an issue with my Retevis RT8-VHF.
    Menu not working any more. Can do nothing with the radio.
    (CPS software version V01.36 MCU version S013.020)
    Can someone help me?
    Do I need new firmware?
    I used the programming software V1.36 but nothing helps.
    What do I wrong?

  56. Dirk (RT8 VHF GPS)
    Hello Zoe,
    Is not it better to download the new firmware with changelog directly from your site?
    I ask for new firmware for my RT8 VHF GPS.
    My current firmware is S013.014
    Thank you very much

  57. Hi Zoe,

    I’m getting an error when visiting the website on Facebook’ page for getting the lastest firmware revision.

    Agreed with Dirk from DE, could you guys please upload the file to your website??

    Thanks so much

  58. Thank you Zoe, but I have no Facebook-account. I can’t download the new firmware.
    I miss a open download website for everyone.
    Please send my the filelink to my e-mail.
    Thank you.


  59. hi
    der link funktioniert nicht
    es kommt
    “Leider ist etwas schief gelaufen.

    Wir arbeiten daran, dieses Problem so schnell wie möglich zu beheben.

    Facebook © 2016 · Hilfe ”

    vy 73 de dl8px

  60. Hi. I’ve loaded the newest firmware for my RT-3 but unfortunately It haven’t fix the LCD crash (white screen where I’d to turn-off/n the radio). What can I do to fix this problem ? Thanks.

    1. So how long have you kept your radio and where did you buy it , if you can’t fix it by yourself ,please contact your seller to send back our factory to help .

  61. hi zoe
    ich habe kein facebook account. deshalb kann ich die datei nicht herunterladen.
    schicke mir die datei bitte per e-mail. vielen dank

  62. Hello Zoe Chen,
    the facebook-Link does not work for me either.
    May i have a direct download link?
    I use a RT8-GPS with FW Version S.013.014
    Thank You,

  63. WHY ? can i only download the latest Firmware for Retevis RT3 on Facebook ?
    I dont have Facebook.
    My Firmware : D002.034
    CP Ver. : V01.32
    Can you send it to my E-Mail ?


  64. Hello Zoe,
    I don’t use Facebook so I cannot download the firmware update.
    My RT3 has firmware D013.014 and the CP is v01.32.
    Can you send me the updated firmware please?

  65. Dirk from Germany (RT8 VHF GPS, 13.32)

    Hi Zoe, I have a few suggestions for improvement.
    A current problem is that the warning tone volume can not be changed.
    It would be good if at least 2 or 3 volumes were possible.
    But also the display brightness should be adjustable. It’s just too light in the dark.
    The firmware of the devices should be freely downloaded on a website.
    Not everyone has a Facebook account.
    Together the project can be improved.
    Maybe you will pass these suggestions to the programmers.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Would you please send me the latest firmware for my RT8 VHF GPS?
    Thank you very much.
    Dirk from Germany

    1. You are the first one give that Suggestions 1 & 2 , I already feedback to Factory . About Firmware Download , I have to say that I take charge Facebook Page and I think it is more convenient to support help /news/ activities /special offers and so on . So I wanna guide people here to have fun together . Also you know that is not everyone need that Firmware ,and If people ask for it ,I’ll definitely give that to them , so I guess that’s ok ? Thanks for your sincere suggestions .

  66. Dear Zoe,
    May I get the latest firmware for the RT3 by e-mail, please? I never use Facebook.
    My current firmware is D002.034 and CP V01.30.
    Is a new alignment of the rf and audio parameters required after the upgrade? Where are these alignment values (soft-pots) stored? And is a software available for such alignment?
    Best regards from Germany

  67. Hi Zoe, the suggestions from Dirk are correct, I’ve heard more than one user complaining for the fixed alert tones volume (end of transmission, talk permit, etc…). It would be great to have a hi, mid, low volume and maybe some alert tones be regulated by the master volume (if the volume knob is set to zero also alert tones are zero).
    Another suggestion would be to add more menù items to individually set on or off the alert tones, so you can choose what tones to hear (today only some of them can be set on/off individually).

    Thanks for your help! Mauro IW3ROW

  68. Where can I get a copy off Firmware Ver:D013.014 CP Ver:V01.32
    I had white screen so I updated to the new firmware and all I get now is My Name and Call-sign. So please let me know where I can get the old ver so I can get back up and running on DMR.

    Many Thanks: Steven

          1. I can set it up but the firmware that you send was for the RT8 and it came out back to front as if it was in some other language.
            But I will look at it again.

            Many Thanks: Steven.

  69. Dirk from Germany (RT8 VHF GPS, 13.32)
    Hi Zoe,
    where can I find out which firmware version for my RT8 VHF GPS is current?
    I do not have a Facebook account.
    If there is a newer than the 13.32, then send it to me via email too.
    Thank you very much.

    have a nice day
    Dirk from Germany

  70. Good evening I have just bought the retevis rt3 GPS my I little not to register(record) the frequencies with my pc Windows 8 when I my the cable of programming he(it) my mark(brand) error the model is wrong wrong had you a solution my version of my firmware and S013.032 cp worm v01.36 thank you for helping me.

  71. Hy Zoe,
    thanks for the new firmware but I have a problem.
    After the upgrade I got a blank screen. I had to find an old version to get the radio up again.

    I don’t know what was wrong.

    Best regards

  72. Hello,
    I just got my new RT-8 (no GPS) and do experience some difficulty by writing a new code plug onto the device.
    While the OS on my PC is WIN10 and the hardware is 64bit, USB driver ia64x is not accepted. Instead, I tried the 86x driver which does at least not provide an error message. Still, I am not sure if the USB driver was really installed correctly. Because, every time I connect my RT-8 to write the code plug the USB port seems to change. Now, the situation is as follows: When switching he RT-8 on there is a message that the RT-8 is not programmed any more. In fact, in the menu I can only find “Zone”.
    1. Do you have an updated USB driver version for WIN10 systems (64bit)? – Please send me the latest USB driver for my system which a description how to install. As it appears critical, maybe the description also tells me how plug and unplug the RT-8 for programming.
    2. Is there a way to reset the RT-8? – Please provide a description.
    3. Would you please send me the latest RT-8 (w/o GPS) firmware and a description how to manage the upgrade? – I do not have a Facebook account though.
    Thanks for your kind response.
    Best regards, Gerhard

  73. Hello Mrs. Chen,
    thank you for the RT3-update – the new firmware works good.
    Today I’ve got the RT8 with GPS and the firmware S013.020, CP Ver. V01.36.
    Can you also send me the latest firmware and software updates for
    this Radio?

  74. Dear Retevis Team
    Please be so kind and provide an answer for these following questions:
    1) Please send me the newest firmware for my Retevis RT8 GPS
    2) My Keypad is not working since last new programming using your software tool. Key lock is not the issue, why it dos not accept any pushes. Battery change, on / off, etc didn´t bring any changes. Do you have any idea? Maybe the firmware upgrade can help?

    Thank you very much

  75. Dear team of RETEVIS Developers. E seen very pleased the new Youtube videos, how to: update firmware RT8 and the new equipment RT82. Thank you for keeping the customers respectful and up to date. At this moment I wish to help me and send to my email the latest firmware of the RT8 without GPS of VHF. thank you very much. I will be aware of your valuable collaboration and help. Att Oscar Ramirez

  76. I too would need latest firmware version for the rt3 (no-gps), too.
    And the latest programming software if possible.


  77. I am going to purchase an RT-3 UHF GPS model but, more looking at the RT-8 UHF GPS IP67. Do both radios take the same firmware and also support “promiscuous” mode?


  78. hola,
    me he equivocado actualizando el firmware de mi Retevis RT3 y le he cargado el del RT3s. La pantalla está completamente en negro. Se puede recuperar el equipo?. Si es así me podrían enviar el firmware?

    1. hi, we are so sorry for this, would you please check if your radio is the old vocoder or new vocoder. the way to check it: open your radio-check menu-utilities-radio info-versions
      now if you can’t open your radio, you can try two vocoders(old and new) one by one, to check which one is ok for your radio.
      you can download the firmware from our website page here:

      if any question, please let me know!

  79. Greetings
    I have two rt3s-gps, # 1: is updated Firmware Ver: P018.011 and CP Ver: V01.05
    # 2: is updated Firmware Ver: P018.011 and CP Ver: V01.12
    I have same codeplugs in each and updated the firmware in each but can’t find if there is new “CP” files for the radios
    Can I make the two radios sam CP Ver: V01.12???


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