Retevis RT85

For beginners—— Use Retevis RT85 to write frequency!

Retevis RT85 is an entry-level user-friendly analog radio! You will not regret choosing it!

For a beginner, what they need to know about a walkie-talkie?

Write frequency is a very important thing.

Step 1: Install the driver
For Windows 10 system, most guys don’t need a USB driver, just download the software and set it up is ok.
Step 2: Write frequency software download and install
Go to the official website of the walkie-talkie that needs writing frequency to find the model and download the software of the model. Install successfully after downloading.
Step 3: Look for the port of the walkie-talkie
Find Device Manager on your computer (how to open Device Manager: right-click on My Computer, then click Properties and then click Device Manager in the left toolbar).
View the walkie-talkie ports in the Ports (COM1,2,3).
Step 4: Select the right walkie-talkie port
In the previous step, check the correct walkie-talkie port, selected the corresponding port in the frequency writing software, and clicked ok to complete the preliminary installation work.
Use Retevis RT85 to write frequency!
Use Retevis RT85 to write frequency!
Step 5: Read walkie-talkie frequency
First, we read the factory frequency on the walkie-talkie. We can see the preset frequency in the walkie-talkie as shown in the figure below.
Step 6: Modify the  frequency
To modify the preset channel frequency, click the frequency chart to input the modified frequency.
Step 7: Write the new frequency
After the modification of the channel frequency, there is a final step to complete the frequency writing, that is, click the “write ” button, just after the modification of the frequency into the walkie-talkie.

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