HD1 Promiscuous Mode and RT3S Group CALL Match introduction

HD1 and RT3S are both hot selling DMR dual band radios for amatuers. They both has an important function, which can neglect contacts limit when communication. In HD1 it’s called  Promiscuous Mode, in RT3S, called Group call Match. Today, we will make a introduction for both.

What’s HD1 Promiscuous Mode?

For normal digital radio communications, we need below points matching:
2.Color code
3.Time slot

But in HD1 software channel part, there’s a function called Promiscuous:

HD1 Promiscuous ModeWhen you click on, it means this channel will neglect the contact,  if only the end radio has same frequency, Color code, and Time slot, this referred radio will receive the signal.

By HD1 keyboard: Menu: Menu-BandA/B set-Promiscuous-OFF/ON

In RT3S sofware, It’s called Group call Match.

RT3S group call matchWhen you click it, it mean contacts must “Match” when radio communication. When click “off”, it’s same as HD1 Promiscuous Mode click “on”.

This way, if only HD1 and RT3S set same items below, they can communicate, neglect of contacts.
2.Color code
3.Time slot

When you will need Promiscuous Mode and RT3S Group CALL Match?

When you want to hear who are on the same frequency and color code, you can click “on” your Promiscuous Mode or click “off” your Group CALL Match, to nelect contacts.

If others Retevis radios has Promiscuous Mode or Group CALL Match?

Currently, only HD1 has Promiscuous Mode. For Group CALL Match, besides RT3s, RT82 also has. Any other questions for them, please feel free to contact, thanks!

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    1. yes, RT90 has the Promiscuous mode, but on RT90 is called private call match and group call match, you can set it on the software:general setting-Group call Match or private call match.

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