High-power RetevisRT29 Radio For Harvesting

With the arrival of the harvest and planting season, farmers are very busy. The people running the farm shuttled through the fields. While being happy about the harvest season, I am also worried about trade issues under the special environment this year.

But right now, it’s the harvest season. It is a big deal to harvest crops and load them into the granary. Large-scale professional harvesters have entered major farms and fields. The cooperative has also become busy.

In fact, there are fewer and fewer young people specialized in agricultural production. Therefore, every harvest season, the demand and supply of labor are seriously out of balance. How to make the most of the existing labor is a problem facing farmers. It is also an issue for the country to consider.

High-power RetevisRT29 Radio For Harvesting

In addition to professional and highly concentrated mechanical technology applications, the transfer of people is also very important.

The role of labor in harvesting cannot be completely replaced by machinery. Human flexibility, intelligence and coordination are very important.

In the process of harvesting and planting, farm employees use walkie-talkies for harvesting command, scheduling and communication. This is very helpful to the efficiency of the entire harvesting production.

High-power RetevisRT29 radio for harvesting. RetevisRT29 is a license-free walkie talkie with high power, waterproof and long communication distance. Very suitable for agriculture, hunting, outdoor and commercial use. It has full functions and is a high-power walkie-talkie among the license-free walkie-talkies. It’s really very useful. And professional.

Although, this year’s special circumstances have made international trade more difficult. But I hope the harvest will go smoothly.

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