farm radio and green revolution

How Farm Radios are used in the Green Revolution

How farm radios are used in the green revolution?

Farm Radio is a portable walkie-talkie and mobile radio specially designed for fields, farms, and other wide and long-distance fields. Its characteristics mainly include: VHF frequency is the main frequency. VHF frequency has a longer wavelength, which is more suitable for long-distance communication than UHF. It has a weather warning function so that farmers can receive weather change warnings in time.

Especially in Kansas state, the central part of the United States is the US’s agricultural state. In the alternation of seasons and summer, there are more violent precipitation and severe weather changes, which hinder the work of farmers. The weather alarm function helps farmers to receive the weather changes in time, and the work-alone function ensures the individual safety of farmers who work alone. It also facilitates the farmers to report the problems in their work at any time, such as checking the situation of rats and locusts.

Hand-held farm radio

Hand-held farm radio is more suitable for individuals or small farms. The main function of hand-held farm radio is portable. Farmers can easily fix the walkie-talkie on their bodies and liberate their hands through vox function. For farmers who often need to work, these functions can help them improve their work efficiency. What’s more, a walkie-talkie usually has a group calling function, which helps work with groups. For farmers, this function can help them shield more noise interference and string frequency problems. Like RT76.

Mobile radio

For the mobile radio, it is a special need fixed on the car, more suitable for large fields, in most countries, agricultural mechanization has become a trend, farmers use more and more agricultural vehicles, such as trucks, harvester, planter, and other large vehicles, need to use the mobile radio for long-distance instant communication. Mobile radio is very small and does not occupy too much space. Generally, mobile radio is equipped with a microphone and fixed device. The microphone also has a vox function, which can realize easy and convenient communication. Like RT98

How Farm Radios are used in the Green Revolution? Farm radio is a good helper in the agricultural revolution, which can maximize farmers’ work efficiency, improve the timeliness and accuracy of information transmission, and occupy a special position in farmers’ work.

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