Retevis radio factory resetting

Sometimes, when your radios suddenly not working after using for some time, Or you set your radios by mistake, it’s in a messed status, how to resolve it? One solution is to Do Factory Reset on the Radio. After factory resetting, all radios will be the original leaving factory data inside. Do you know how to do Retevis radio factory resetting?

Let’s discuss Retevis radio factory resetting for adult radio and children’s radio separately.

Retevis radio factory resetting—Adult radio

We have record for all original factory resetting file in “dat” format for all Retevis Radio. When you found some problems with radio, or some content in a mess in the programming software. Then you write email to , or We will send you the last version files.

Step 1: download and install USB driver and programming software in your PC.
Step 2: connect your radio to your computer, turn on the radio
Step 3: click “open” in “file” column in the programming software, choose the RT1(for example) factory resetting dat file:retevis rt1 dat file, you will see below interface.

retevis rt1 programming softwareThis steps is similar as “ read from radio”, just you read the original factory data from this dat file.
Step 4: click “write to radio” to save the data

If you have another same model radio, then repeat on the other radio in same way, then you two radios can talk on same channel. Because all their setting are exactly same.

Retevis radio factory resetting— Children’s radio

For all Retevis children’s radio, the factory reset steps are same.

Press “menu” key, at the same time, turn on the radio. Then data in radios will become original leaving factory data. If two children’s radio(in one pair) have some problem after you using it. Please try this way to do the factory resetting. Mostly it will be ok.

retevis childrens radioAnything we can do for factory resetting, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help! Thanks.

136 thoughts on “Retevis radio factory resetting

  1. Something will not let me upload a file to a RT-81 without a password. Both read and write password switches are disabled, yet it asks for a password.

    Please advise.

  2. Today i Update a RT3S (without GPS ) , with the Software from Your Website , to Version 17.12 .
    After the Update the Radio Ask for a Password when start.

    Also when i Try to Read the Radio with the Programming Software.

    Try some Password`s

    and Many More

    Is there a Way to make a Factory “Clean” Software Setup ?

    Thanks for Help

    1. The power on password is default 00000000. Factory reset codeplug sent to your email. Please check and have a try. Any other questions, please email back. Thanks!

  3. hi my rt3s updater crashed whilst updating firmware from your website and now my radio is blinking red/green,could you please advise on what steps I need to take to get my retevis rt3s working again?

    kindest regards


  4. After my RT3S w/o GPS arrived,
    i maked an update after that the RT3S also ask me for a Password.
    I tried all above Password but with out any success.
    Also the upload of a codeplug ask me for a Password.
    Could you please advise how i can reset this Passwords.

    Kindly Regards

  5. I have the Retevis RT3S and messed up making a code plug for it, no the radio just hangs when turned on.

    Do you have a download link or can you send me the code plug the radio comes with so I can reset it.

    Many thanks

  6. Problem with new RT3S, upgraded firmware and codeploug. Password unchecked, but now asking for a password.
    Unable to factory reset.

  7. I want to reset a pair of Retevis RT-35 radios (sky blue). In this forum says that according to the brand Retevis can be done via software, but I think it is for other models.
    In my case the radios that I have are the Retevis RT-35, please indicate me how to perform the factory reset.
    if you require any software please attach the link or file.

    1. Hello, if you want to reset your RT35, you can do as below:
      1, Turn off your radio
      2, Take off the battery
      3, Press PTT install the battery
      4, turn on your radio
      Reset ok!

    2. I upgraded my RT90 to the latest firmware and not it will not let me upload codeplugs without asking for a password. What is the password?

    1. Hello, for reset the RT23:
      1, Press the PTT+ Button 1, will reset all the setting in Frequency
      2, Press the PTT+ Button 2, will reset all the setting.

  8. Thanks Cherry , for the Prompt reply.
    I do have 2 more queries
    1) Could you please tell me where to download the latest firmware for RT23 ?
    2) Is it possible to update the RT23 to the latest firmware using Dan’s chirpw software ?


    1. hi, RT23 is the analog mode radio, so it don’t have the firmware. Only have the software to program the radio.
      And the chirp software can program this RT23 model radio.

    1. Hello, would you please tell me why you radio was locked? Before locking, what did you do on your radio?
      If you can share some pictures or videos about your problem, we will get the problem clearly and quickly!
      You can email us with your problem:

  9. My Retevis RT3S doesn’t allow me to enter freqens manually in VFO mode despite all my efforts. MR mode in menu I long press the On red button but it does not switch to VFO help plz

    1. hi, if you upgraded the new fimrware, it will have this problem, please don’t worry, try this please:
      Turn off your radio, then press the 2 sidekeys (one above PTT and one below pTT) and turn on your radio at the same time.

      If other question, please feel free to contact us here or email us:

  10. Hi. i did a reset with a upload on my RT84 and cleared problem but lost number 3 option in utilities and now only have 1 and 2 . i have tried re-installing the latest firmware but made no change.
    I have looked for a older firmware to install in a hope i get it back then put the up to date firmware back on it after. but no luck . have you got a fix or know of a way i can get it back ?

  11. Hi, I have an RT602, and need to either restore to factory setting or to turn VOX off. Neither instructions in the manual did not work for me.
    1. For the VOX off, Your Item 5 in the manual is not clear and my attempts at variations did not work.

    2. For the factory default, the is no one “Menu/Power button”, they are two buttons. my attempts at variations did not work.

    Please provide explicit factory default instructions, and hopefully also VOX off instructions that are specifc to the RT602 buttons.

  12. OI bom dia após instalar o firmeware mais atual do meu RT 84 o mesmo passou a pedir senha, como faço para resolver ou redefinir ao modo fabrica?

    1. hi, if you set the password and forget it, you can do the below step:
      1, click” set”- get password-fill the code” RT22″, then it will show the password.
      please have a try please

    1. hi, if you set the password and forget it, you can do the below step:
      1, click” set”- get password-fill the code” RT22″, then it will show the password.
      please have a try please

  13. Hello,

    i have got some new RT29 today.
    i wanted enable the VOX-Option with the softare. as surveyor we need this option.
    but something gone wrong. now the RT29 sends an continuous tone.

    the frequence maybe overwrite?

    what can i do?

    can i set the RT29 to the factory settings? send me the files please.


    1. hi, would you please tell us your problem clearly?
      You wanst to set the VOX right? If so, just set it on the software, please make sure your radio is connected with your computer right, when change the vox level, click write to your radio. that’s all!
      If you need the factory setting file for your RT29, would you please tell me which band? VHF version or UHF version, I will send you by email!

  14. I have the RT628 kids walkie talkies. One of them is not working. It is stuck showing channel 1 plus an rxtx symbol in the bottom right. None of the buttons work/make anything happen. After a couple of minutes in this state it emits an ongoing tone and the only way to stop it is to remove the batteries. I am unable to reset as it does not respond when I press the power button. Can you help?

    1. I’ve got the nearly same problem, one RT32 is stuck in TX mode Channel 1, unable to do anything but removing the battery.

      I can’t power it on, I have to insert the battery

      1. hi, your radio is the model kid walkie talkie RT32?
        If yes, would you please try to reset your radio? Here is the way:
        Turn off your radio, then press the “menu” button to power on again, it will reset.

        please have a try please!

        1. Yes, it is the RT32

          It can’t be turned off… the only way is to remove the battery.

          And to turn it on, it is the same, I need to insert the battery and then it goes on directly.

          1. Have you reseted the radio as I said?
            Here is the way:
            Turn off your radio, then press the “menu” button to power on again, it will reset.
            if still have problem, would you please make a video for me? I will check it clearly, my email:

            please have a try please!

        2. Have the same problem with the kid radio rt32 , stuck in tx 01 and buttons do nothing, I tried to reset but no change ..if any help

          1. Hello! Did you lock the button? Press and hold Menu button until there are the Lock icon displayed on the
            LCD Screen.The same step to unlock the button.

    2. hi, you can reset your radio RT628
      Turn off your radio, then press the menu to power on again, it will reset.

      please have a try please, if any question, please contact us again!

  15. Hi
    I have an 18 month old RT90 transceiver.
    The receive audio in the Analogue section is not working, transmit is ok, just no signal or audio is able to be received when tuned to an analogue channel, both in 2m and 70cm,
    Digital (DMR) is fine in both transmit and receive.
    My amateur call sign is VK3UV

    1. hi Bruce,
      so sorry for this, if possible, would you please send your radio’s codeplug to us?
      we will check the settings for you, and please tell me which channel with the analogue mode not working.

      Our email address:

      Best regards

  16. Have a number of RT7 radios which I use in conjunction with other radios 777.
    Four of the RT7 seem to have locked Beat Shift into their program and can not be used with rest of radios.

  17. I have an RT628 which is stuck with VOX mode on and I cannot find a way to reset it. Here is what I have tried so far:
    1. Pressing the PTT which should turn off the VOX but doesn’t
    2. Powering off, removing batteries, pressing PTT to reset, turning back on, but VOX still set and no reset happened
    3. Powering off, pressing menu at same time as power button to turn on, but no reset happened
    4. Powering off, pressing menu to try to start that way (from another comment above) but won’t turn on that way
    Thanks for any advice which can be offered.

    1. I have the exact same issue. VOX is stuck on and I can’t get it to reset. Also, I don’t know if VOX is causing the problem, or something else, but it does not seem to be transmitting or receiving either. Hopefully there will be a reply.

  18. need the factory reset file for RT27V… I messed something up and the radios arent communicating with eachother anymore, and I can’t figure it out.

        1. hi, sent them by email!
          Because I don’t know your RT3 version, so I add 4 versions for you!
          Please check your RT3 version, then use the right version.

          Best regards

  19. I used the RT27 software to program my RT27V (two of them) before I realized that this is wrong. I cannot get them back to factory state and they will no longer work. Thanks for any help.

      1. I tried what you suggest, I used the RT27V software and uploaded the default to the radio (no read, just write) and no luck. I was sure to remove all files from the other (RT27) software and it still does not work for me. Same results.

  20. It’s a 5 channel radio (RT27V MURS). It does not work correctly. It does not work. It turns on, when I try to transmit it will not transmit voice but it does transmit a signal (your voice cannot be heard on another radio). It is also transmitting too wide, I can detect transmit on a wide frequency.

    1. You mean your RT27v can transmit the signal, but you can not hear on another radios?
      and transmit too wide? what’s the meanings?
      If possible, would you please make a video for me? Then I will know your problem clearly, my email:

      1. I have the exact same problem as Rob Haag, and did the same thing. What was the solution to Mr. Haag’s problem?

  21. My RT27 PMR446 do not communicate with each other.
    TX works, but no modulation is audible on another device, nothing works.
    Devices are new.

    thank you

    1. Hi, if you have the programming cable, you can check the two radios settings on the software!
      Then change the different settings to same, they can talk to each other!
      Best regards

  22. Hi.
    I had no problem to program my H-777 with Windows 7 but with my new Windows 10 I cannot any longer.
    I downloaded the last version of the software and driver (universal driver) but I don’t know if this is OK as I am asked a password when I try to read or to write!!
    I never had to use a password to set my H-777 at the moment.
    How can I do now to programme my H-777?

    1. Hi, usually if the radio need password, means you sent the programming software!
      You can try the password: 00000000 or 43584450 to have a try please

      1. Hi I am having the same problem. I need a 6 digit password. It’s not allowing me to read or write. I tried the passwords you mentioned but those are too long. I need a six digit.


    1. Hi, we are so sorry for this!
      When you met this problem, you can turn off your radio,then press the sidekey buttons (2 buttons)at the same time to turn on your radio!
      Then you can have a try to upload the codeplug again!

      Best regards

  24. Hi Retrevis:
    I am trying to upload the new frequencies to my RT23 Radio but it is calling for a password using the programing software for RT23. I do not remember ever putting a password in. I am trying to do a factory reset to eliminate the password. How can I do it? Thanks.

  25. Hello!

    I’m trying to update my RT3S w GPS from 18.03 to 18.16. But after successful update I unplug my radio and switching it on, radio shows only boot image and nothing to do. Programming software is working properly.

    1. hi,
      wouldyou please try again to update the firmware, maybe there is something wrong with it, and please make sure you choose the right verison, if your radio is GPS version, please choose GPS

  26. Hi There,

    I have a Retevis H-777 and i need to reset the Frequency, when i do this it’s asking for a six digit Password, what would this be

  27. Good Afternoon from the Philippines,

    Recently purchase one unit of RETEVIS RT3S with GPS. I just wondering why the callsign of the calling station does not reflect in the radio display like other radio that you can see the callsign of the calling station. Can you help me with this?

  28. Buon giorno, da tre anni adopero retevis rt3 ed rt3s. L’ultimo rt3s mi da molti problemi, non sempre trasmette, in analogico non trasmette anche se il led lo da in trasmissione. non si riesce a caricare il file csv, mi indica il successo di installazione ma in realtà non e vero. ho provato con firmware 14.04, con 16.06, con il 17.12 ed il 18.11 ma non ho miglioramenti. cosa posso fare? Grazie IW3HLT Milan Gianni

    1. hi, for your RT3S, when you upload the csv contact, please make sure your radio’s firmware is the CSV version.
      And click the menu write contacts-import-choose the csv file-write, then waiting for it, when it says success, you can check the contact on your radio.

      1. Hi! I just purchased a second set of H777’s. I would like to be able to use them on the same channel as the ones I already have. But they do not work together. Can you tell me how to fix that?
        Thank you so much

  29. Now this password is OK but I have another issue.
    I can’t change the frequency values of each channel. All I can do is to change the CTSS, DCS etc with the mouse, but I can’t change anything with the keyboard. I found no mean to edit the frequencies

  30. My RT23 seems to not be recognized by any of my computers suddenly.

    When I do a factory reset (push PTT and button 2 on the side of the radio) as above I get OLDSTTS on the display. What do I do next?

    1. Hello! Have you checked the USB port of your computer? Could you please send us a video of it? here is our Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  31. I have retevis Rt3s – however I am unable to see see the power in the Radio settings, eve though it is ticked in the software program. It is in the Low and nothing I can do can change it.

  32. We have a new set of RT7 radios that are not transmitting with our old RT7 radios. I have programmed all of them with the same CTCSS/DCS but they are still not working. I would like to attempt a factory reset

  33. Hi,
    I have a problem on my rt83 gps.
    On programing softer i have error comunication time out.
    I have update the firmware , GPS firmware, but still timout on soft .
    I think a key combination to reset it will solve, or any sugestion
    Now the display is in chineese and i don”t know waht
    No any key are working to enter menu
    Any sugestion ?

    1. Hi, dear, very sorry for the delay!
      1. Is that happened when you received the radio?
      2. What did you do before this problem occurred?
      3. we will send you a code plug for it
      4. Can the walkie-talkie transmit and receive normally?
      5. if codeplug not working, could you please share with us a video of your problem?
      Thank you so much and have a nice day!

      1. In order:
        When programming the radio i got a transmit failure somwhere at70-80% .
        The radio was frozen .
        I try to write the phm file again but there was the error on communication
        I try to write firmware but the only change was the menu , now in chineese.
        ANd no serial coumunication when i try to read or write pgm file.
        I have send picture on email.
        An the radio is not recivind or emiting , any button i push not working

  34. I own a RT83 GPS, When uploadind the program config , i got e comunication error.
    The radio is frozen now, i have try to upload new firmware, but all i get is now the screen is in chineese.
    On the software i cannot read or write any config file ( .pgm file)
    Ireally don’t know what to do . The radio it was working till i try to add digital channel.
    Any sugestion or help are welcome.
    Thanks in advance

  35. Hi, thanks for the files. It works! Turns out you also send the correct software to use with the RT616. The RT616 software that is available for download on the retevis site seems to be the wrong version. It is the same as the RT16 software. Thanks for the quick support !

  36. Good Morning
    If it were possible to send me the program to adjust the sensitivity of the PMR446 RT668, service mode.
    Thank you

  37. hello, I’m trying to enable the vox function but the program requires a password, the rt618 radio is only from the store, could you write me a password?

  38. Hello, I would like to factory reset (and to program) my RT616… could you send the same files (software + codeplug) that has been sent to Martin?
    Thank you!

  39. Hello, I have an RT84, is there a way to limit the operating band to the Spanish amateur radio regulations? VHF: 144-146Mhz UHF: 430-440Mhz

  40. Hello Retevis
    I have a RT82 radio non gps and upgraded the firmware, after turn power on the radio
    ask for a password I never set. I ve searched for a solution like 00000000 and others pass. Doesn’t work.
    I can’t read or write from retevis software, always ask for password. Any solution?

  41. Hi, I am the owner of an RT-80 with the 1801RT801100080 series which I am basically happy with but there are moments when in DMR mode in reception when the correspondent enters, his ID appears on the screen, but no signal is heard in the speaker. If I move the channels manually back and forth the reception returns ok. I also have an Ailunce at which time when I receive reception simultaneously with RT-80 this phenomenon does not appear! I tried to reduce the “PRIVATE / GROUP CALL HANG TIME” times but I couldn’t solve the problem! I mention that this phenomenon does not appear in analog mode. Waiting for an answer from you, thank you in advance. This has been until today …..24.01.2021 Today, I tried again an update in the hope that I will solve the problem … but while I was doing the firmware update the AC 220 V power supply stopped !!! After I resumed the update operation again I found that both in DMR and analog I have transmission from RT-80 and receive in any other transceiver but when I receive in RT-80 I have only a slight background noise and only when I strongly modulate the transmission station to RT-80 over that slight noise is a squeak !!!!! Waiting for an answer from you, thank you in advance.

  42. can I please have reset file for RT28? also is there a known issue for rt28 and rt22 to communicate with each other?.


  43. Hi after upgrading software on my RT3 it no longer seems to switch on & there is no display. If I hold down the top side button & PTT it will go into STU programming mode but still no display. What if anything can I do to recover the radio. Many thanks Tony

  44. Merhaba; RT3s için fabrika ayarlarına sıfırlama dosyası gönderebilir misiniz?
    Teşekkür ederim.

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