How to download software from Retevis?

Download software from Retevis? Don’t know how to do? Please read this blog: updated the wesbite, and now the page resourse-center doesn’t work. And we have added the programming software to each product page.

The steps:

1, Fill the model  you want to download in the search box, then press enter button.

For example, the model RT22.

2, You will enter into the RT22 Related product page, like the below picture:

3, Find the model You want.

Here we choose RT22, click model RT22, enter into the RT22 product page. Click the menu Servicesupport.

4, Choose the firmware/software, download here:

5, Programming your radio RT22 via the software.


Done! Very easy!

If you have any question about this. Please comment below or email us:

96 thoughts on “How to download software from Retevis?

  1. Please, I have 10 retevis 22’s. They have been great except they have a button that goes bad quickly on them. I’m looking at replacing them now that they are well worn. The thing is, I need them to be louder. My hearing is not great and I find myself in high noise environments a lot. What are your loudest models.

    1. hello! you can do those things:
      1:check the battery quality.
      2:is the sound button on its maximum.
      3:make sure the sound of the other party’s walkie-talkie is low!
      4:long distance will lower the voice.
      5:big buildings, basements will have influence.
      if any questions, you can contact us. thanks!

  2. RB-18 license free is pre-programmed with FRS and GMRS channels. Only TONES can be changed.
    Looks like the radio cannot be re-programmed to Amateur Radio frequencies, like most other RETEVIS HT can.
    Am I missing something, as the radio was described as programmable.

      1. Yes. I am a licensed radio amateur with callsign KB2JDB. My other Retevis radios are sold as FRS but can easily be re-programmed with amateur frequencies in the 400-470 MHz range.
        Please advise.
        Thank you!

  3. Hi trying to download RTS 3 software I am getting a bad download on everything
    also what us default password code on the RTS 3 ?

  4. RT22S software will not install on Windows 10. I even tired running all the different compatibility modes.

    1. Hello! Did you check the security software protecting your pc, so it stoped the setup of the software of RT22S, could you please use your friends’ pc and try again? thank you very much!

  5. Hi amateur radio operators are free to use any equipment we want as long as we comply with band and signal purity requirements. I have re-programmed several hand held Radios that I bought. They had either odd frequencies and tones from China or FRS frequencies.
    I was easily able to install US amateur frequencies in our UHF band.
    Your RT-15 is an example of a radio that is easily reprogrammed. Your advertisement said the RB-18 radios could be programmed, but I learn that only tones can be changed.
    I’m not sure why the standard FRS and GMRS frequencies that were present in the radio were matched with strange, random tones.
    Your RB-18 radio cannot talk to any other FRS radios.
    Please tell me if the RB-18 frequencies can be re-programmed. It’s a nice looking FRS. I have several of them. I really wanted to program it to be a really cool looking amateur radio transceiver.
    Thanks, Joe

  6. Hi, Jamie. We radio amateurs use hand held radios for more than person-to-person. We can use repeaters and even listen to signals from the International Space Station.
    That is why we like to modify radios to our needs.
    If the RB18 radio frequencies cannot be changed please say so.
    If the radio can be reprogrammed please tell me what software or how to do.
    I like Retevis radios. Some can be reprogrammed and some cannot. Tell me about the RB18.
    Thanks, Joe

  7. Hi, so I can use it on amateur radio frequencies, just like I did with the earlier RB-15.
    I thought if the RB-15 can change frequencies, why not the RB-18.
    Nothing sinister here…we ham radio operators can freely adapt equipment to our use.

  8. Thank you! You sent the XML files to program the RB18 radio. I figured out how to modify XML files for ham radio frequencies.
    With your help I was able to re-purpose another fine Retevis radio, and learned about XML files, too!
    Thanks James and Retevis. I will purchase another radio, I’m certain!

  9. Programming RT22. I have the correct programming cord and downloaded the software you link to. The computer recognizes the cord but the program is not finding the radios. Can you help?

  10. Hello,

    I downloaded and installed the RT22 software version 1.05. I’m having issues reading from and connecting to my RT22. The exact message is “Cannot connect the radio.” Below are a few things that I have tried.
    • Restarting my computer
    • Tried different RT22 radios (I have 6 total)
    • Tried different USB ports on my computer
    • Confirmed that I’m using the correct COM port via Device Manager
    • I can connect to my radios using (old) version 1.00 of the RT22 software

    Please advise on further steps. Otherwise, where can I download version 1.00 of the software?

  11. RT3S will not accept programming. Firmware P018.016 / CP V01.03
    Software sees and reads the unit, but unable to write back to the unit.
    Please HELP ASAP!!

  12. Hi, I purchased a set of RT616’s and use them in The Netherlands. I recently purchased the official “Original USB Programming Cable for RT16 RT616”.
    I downloaded and installed the software ( under Windows 10 on my laptop. Connection via COM4 is being made but when I try to do an import (Read from handset ) I get an error after I see the Read – Progress 0 -> 96% process. The error reads: “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. … Index was outside the bounds of the array.” Also lots of debug details available.
    How can I fix this ? I’m now unable to use the software.

    1. Hi, via a factory reset question in the how-to-do-retevis-radio-factory-resetting blog I received the correct programming software for the RT616. Seems the software on the download site is wrong. When unpacked and installed is looks the same as the RT16 software. For me it is working now. Thanks.

      1. Hi, I have the same radio (RT616), unfortunately Retevis’s website has not been updated with the correct programming software (it still links to the RT16 one). I tried to ask on another blog post for the correct package but I did not receive any answer. Would it be possible for you to upload the software somewhere so the rest of us can program their radios?
        Thank you!

          1. Hello,
            it seems that the download link from that page is wrong. Both the zip file for RT16 and the one RT616 contains the package for RT16, which is unfortunately not compatible with the RT616.
            Could you please update the package with the correct installer for RT616?
            Thank you!

  13. can you tell me how to get a programming tools downloaded for rt51, will these instructions only download on windows or can be done on mas iOS also, i have been trying for several days to get my radios working with no luck whatsoever, i added both my devices succefully on portal but that it

    1. Can only be downloaded on Windows, 1. This machine reads the account password, and the customer can also change the account password.
      2. Log in to the three-level account management platform, add a device (the device you use), and fill in the account password the same as the account password of this machine.
      3. Then use this account password to log in to the walkie-talkie device and it can be used normally
      This is the account number and password that can be identified from the walkie-talkie. write this down,
      then. The account and password for logging in to the webpage are provided by us. Customers can log in to view their own account information. The user name, account and password inside can be changed (ensure that the account and password are consistent with the account and password read in the machine ).

  14. Hi,
    I have trouble with programming RB618.
    I used “read” button in the software, everything works well. I modified some DCS codes and then used “write” button to update RB618 configuration. On the PC side everything seems ok, but from this moment RB618 lost all channels and speaker produces strange sound.
    When I try read configuration to the PC again, all channels are empty. Is there a simple way to fix this problem?

      1. Hi,
        I bought at Aliexpress, Retevis official store:
        Order No: 8119579663128905
        Order Closed: 24 Nov 2020 05:27
        Seller: RETEVIS Official Store
        I found help on the internet, one man has the same issue with RB618, he bought RB at retevis eu. Yours software has a bug, so I hope you will fix it soon. Shortly once more: try to read data from RB618 and imediately write data back to device. Device will loose all channels and is unusable. There is a trick, how to fix the device. It is complicated and not easy to describe.

        1. Hi, dear Petr, please send your order id and problem to ali-express@retevis .com, our customer service will contact you as soon as possible! Stay safe and have a nice day!

          1. I dont need to contact customer support. My device is working already. This is information for development department or other technical staff from Retevis to fix this problem. If you can, forward it to them.

  15. Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to have access to the PLAY STORE to be able to install a new APP on my RETEVIS RT-70 Thank you

  16. ho il modello RT87, ma non funziona il collegamento via cavo con il software, il cavo viene riconosciuto, ma non comunico con la radio anche se accesa mi da errore e prima chiede la password, che non conosco…. mi potete aiutare?

    1. hi, I think your radio is the license-free radio right? If yes, as the rule,the license-free radio can’t be programmed the frequencies, please understand!

  17. i need software programming for my rt98v. i cant get if from this site because the chapca is allways erorr. please send it by my email

  18. Hi I can’t download the software for rt619. You sent me a copy by we transfer but it doesn’t work. I get an error in the installation “launcher error Unable to open the archive file”

  19. Hi,

    I downloaded and installed the RT622 software version 1.05. I’m having issues reading from and connecting to my RT622. The exact message is “Cannot connect the radio.” when tried on the desktop computer. Same message on the laptop but also the communication port cannot be change, it automatically goes back to COM1 for some reason (on the laptop only). Below are a few things that I have tried.
    • Restarting my computer
    • Tried on both a my laptop and desktop computers (both on Windows10)
    • Tried different RT622 radios (I have 2)
    • Tried different USB ports on my computer
    • Confirmed that I’m using the correct COM port via Device Manager

  20. Hola buenas tardes. Tengo una pareja de RT28 y funcionan muy bien . los uso en el trabajo y son perfectos. Mi consulta es que un compañero mio del trabajo se a comprado una pareja de los mismos RT28 y quiero programarlos con mis mismos ctcss/dcs. la cuestion es que los programo igual que los mios y en el unico canal donde tengo insertado codigo ctcss (canal 3 , frecuencia 446.03125 con ctcss decoder – encoder 94.8). que es la frecuencia del trabajo, a la hora de transmitir con ellos, en los mios no se oyen a no ser que tenga pulsado la tecla moni. e mirado toda la configuracion, (funciones opcionales y editor de canales) y estan identicos. incluyendo el mismo squelch (2) y no hay manera. me pueden ayudar? gracias

    1. hi, usualy for analog mode radio, just make sure the frequencies and CTCSS/DCS CODES are same,then they can talk.
      So here we suggest you to check all the settings, the Code and decode.

  21. Hi
    Anyone searched recently for the RT9000d software? Been to the product but nothing under support. Any ideas please?
    P Harvey G0RLA

    1. I have tried twice downloading,then uninstalling and downloading again,computer still will not recognize radio.
      I’m done too many issues with these radios!

  22. I am trying to find the software for the RT47V but cannot find it. Need it to adjust the squelch, vox and tones. Realize the frequencies are not changeable. The blog and every other reference ddoes not show it. It is referenced in the manual multiple times. Thanks

  23. So I cannot figure out how to download the software for the Retevis RT-5R!!!! Can someone please help? It did download but when I go to extract it, it says it “path does not exist”

  24. Just received new RT95 with programming cable directly from Retevis and I’m having problems connecting radio to PC (Windows 10). After making sure COM port matched with Device Manager port and try to read from radio I get a message that says Model Type is Wrong and that Read Data Failed. The programming cable appears to be working properly according to Device Manager. The firmware listed for the radio is V1.10. The radio will accept freq. information by manual input only so radio appears to be working correctly so maybe a problem with the RT programming software? Also, in CHIRP, I get a message that says Radio Version not in Allowed List. So maybe the firmware version hasn’t been added to the RT software or CHIRP yet. I don’t know so any help would be appreciated.

  25. Hi! I just received my two RB618 FRS/GMRS radios, and found the programming software on your web site as per this blog. My radio connects easily with the application, but only 16 channels are displayed out of the 22 available on the devices. I live in Canada, and I should be able to operate all 22 channels here, as in the USA. How can I get the software (RB618_programming_softwareV1.1.0) to recognize and prrogram all 22 channels on those radios?

  26. Hi Petr, I experienced the same problem with the software reading my device data, then whiping it out. My radio is stuck on channel 1 and emits a tone at 1502Hz. It is rendered useless. You seemed to have fixed the problem using a complicated solution: Can you please send me info about this fix at . Best regards!

  27. Hello, recently acquired a RT668 because it was listed VOX compatible, but the manual says that this function must be activated through software. Where can I get this software and do I need special cable to use it ?

    thanks and best regards

  28. Where can I find the codeplug, firmware and programming software for RT80?
    Is there any software to use on mac?

  29. Hola necesito programar walkie talkie RT648 me pueden mandar el software en version en ingles Gracias

  30. I have quite a few RT5 radios that I need to program and I went to the download and downloaded it but the files are showing there corrupt. I do have a windows system. Please help!!

  31. I tried downloading the software of the RT98U but every time I use it to program (i.e. ‘Write to radio’) channels, it always says ‘Model type is wrong. Overwrite? PC is AT-779U, Radio is RT98U’. Apparently AT-779U is another model, is there another software program that is actually for the RT98U for me to use? The second version also doesn’t work since there’s a file missing. Please help.

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