How to download software from Retevis?

Download software from Retevis? Don’t know how to do? Please read this blog: updated the wesbite, and now the page resourse-center doesn’t work. And we have added the programming software to each product page.

The steps:

1, Fill the model  you want to download in the search box, then press enter button.

For example, the model RT22.

2, You will enter into the RT22 Related product page, like the below picture:

3, Find the model You want.

Here we choose RT22, click model RT22, enter into the RT22 product page. Click the menu Servicesupport.

4, Choose the firmware/software, download here:

5, Programming your radio RT22 via the software.


Done! Very easy!

If you have any question about this. Please comment below or email us:

26 thoughts on “How to download software from Retevis?

  1. Please, I have 10 retevis 22’s. They have been great except they have a button that goes bad quickly on them. I’m looking at replacing them now that they are well worn. The thing is, I need them to be louder. My hearing is not great and I find myself in high noise environments a lot. What are your loudest models.

    1. hello! you can do those things:
      1:check the battery quality.
      2:is the sound button on its maximum.
      3:make sure the sound of the other party’s walkie-talkie is low!
      4:long distance will lower the voice.
      5:big buildings, basements will have influence.
      if any questions, you can contact us. thanks!

  2. RB-18 license free is pre-programmed with FRS and GMRS channels. Only TONES can be changed.
    Looks like the radio cannot be re-programmed to Amateur Radio frequencies, like most other RETEVIS HT can.
    Am I missing something, as the radio was described as programmable.

      1. Yes. I am a licensed radio amateur with callsign KB2JDB. My other Retevis radios are sold as FRS but can easily be re-programmed with amateur frequencies in the 400-470 MHz range.
        Please advise.
        Thank you!

  3. Hi trying to download RTS 3 software I am getting a bad download on everything
    also what us default password code on the RTS 3 ?

    1. Hello! Did you check the security software protecting your pc, so it stoped the setup of the software of RT22S, could you please use your friends’ pc and try again? thank you very much!

  4. Hi amateur radio operators are free to use any equipment we want as long as we comply with band and signal purity requirements. I have re-programmed several hand held Radios that I bought. They had either odd frequencies and tones from China or FRS frequencies.
    I was easily able to install US amateur frequencies in our UHF band.
    Your RT-15 is an example of a radio that is easily reprogrammed. Your advertisement said the RB-18 radios could be programmed, but I learn that only tones can be changed.
    I’m not sure why the standard FRS and GMRS frequencies that were present in the radio were matched with strange, random tones.
    Your RB-18 radio cannot talk to any other FRS radios.
    Please tell me if the RB-18 frequencies can be re-programmed. It’s a nice looking FRS. I have several of them. I really wanted to program it to be a really cool looking amateur radio transceiver.
    Thanks, Joe

  5. Hi, so I can use it on amateur radio frequencies, just like I did with the earlier RB-15.
    I thought if the RB-15 can change frequencies, why not the RB-18.
    Nothing sinister here…we ham radio operators can freely adapt equipment to our use.

  6. Thank you! You sent the XML files to program the RB18 radio. I figured out how to modify XML files for ham radio frequencies.
    With your help I was able to re-purpose another fine Retevis radio, and learned about XML files, too!
    Thanks James and Retevis. I will purchase another radio, I’m certain!

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