RT54 how to make group call for business

Digital radio make group call for Business is very important and necessary. No matter you use it for hotel, construction site, golf course and others, When you have many teams or many groups should be communicated, you can use this function.

This function is a prominent feature for DMR digital radios. Here I will use the DMR radio Retevis RT54 as the example to tell you how to make group call.

What is group call for digital radio?

Digital radio has three calls: Group call, private call and All call.

It is a transmission from one radio to a group of radios. When you and others are in same group, with the same setting and choose the group list( your are in), when you talk, others will receive.

Digital  radio how to make group call for business?

We test with 2pcs RT54 radios: https://www.retevis.com/rt54-dmr-digital-uhf-5w-walkie-talkie

Programming cable: https://www.retevis.com/retevis-programming-line-for-rt54

Programming software: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center

1, Edit your digital radio RT54 ID: 

Open programming software, find the DMR service on the left, click basic set, find Own ID to set.

Left menu-RT54-DMR service-Basic Set- Own ID

RT54 A ID:1234

RT54 B ID: 1235

2, Create Contact.

Menu on the left: DMR service-Contact

Radio A and Radio B set as this picture:

3, Build Group list

DMR service-group list-Group 01. Then add two contacts into this group list.

4, Setting channel information

For example, set the TX and Rx 425.12500. CH model Digital. Group list choose group 01, transmit contacts A choose radio A, and B choose Radio B.

Two radios color code and time slot should be same, we choose 1. Like the below picture:

That’s all. Radio A can talk with Radio B by group call.  if you have another radio, you can set the steps as the above, then make group call with no problem.


If you still have problem, please feel free to leave message below!



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