How to programme Retevis RT7?

RT7 two way radio covered with Innovative fashion stitching color, the coating surface makes it more bright. Lightweight and thin body design, which meets the ergonomic design, and makes hand more comfortable for grip. Anyway, RT7 is a product with high quality and lower price. Its fashion style loved by young people with avant-garde ideology, children and people who have special needs.Do you know how to program Retevis RT7 software? Today, let’s discuss step by step


Prepare work for programming

Tools: computer, RT7 radio, RT7 programming cable(C9018A)

Programming to RT7

Step:1 Please download and install RT7 USB driver (USB Universal Driver) and software in RETEVIS official website

Step 2: Connect your RT7 with you PC, using progrogramming cable

Step 3: Turn on the radio RT7

Step 4: Now we come to RT7 software interface

Step 5: Choose the correct communication port

computer-device manager:



Step 6: Click” Read from Radio” in “Program” Column

Step 7: Write the date, such as “RX frequency”, “TX frequency” CTC/DCS DEC and CTC/DCS ENC in to the channels

RX frequency:462.2375
TX frequency 462.2375


Step 8:Click “Write to Radio”. Then all date will be saved to radio

All steps for RT7 has done, if you other anything question, please feel free to contact us , we are always here. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “How to programme Retevis RT7?

  1. I tried using this radio to listen to local police and fire, but it sounds like robots talking! The beat shift shows being off, but it comes back on automatically..

  2. good morning
    I have encountered a problem with the RT7 radio program.
    does not allow me to put in the frequency type 433.200
    but only 433,000.
    have you also had this problem?
    can you give me indications of previous versions but working ??.
    thank you

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