How to set RT15 scramble function?

RT15 is a very small,exquisite walkie talkie,you can put it in your pocket when using it,then it will needn’t disturb you,This is very convenient.Although RT15 is tiny,its function is comprehensive.Such as scramble function is very practical.So what is scramble?What is use for?Scramble is a voice encryption mode,when you and your partner converse use walkie talkies,if you don’t want other hear the conversation,you just set scramble function,if others radio haven’t turn on this function,they can’t hear what you say.This function make your conversations safer.So how to turn on this so practical function?Let learn it together.

You need program RT15 first.

1. Please download USB universal driver and RT15 software from Retevis official website freely:

2.Connect your radio and computer,use the program cable C9018A.You can get it from Retevis official website:

3.Please turn on the radio.

4.Please confirm select correct communicate port,if you can’t confirm it,you can try it one by one.

5.Please click “program-read from the radio”

After you install the software,you can set corresponding channel scramble function,such as Channel 1,select scramble”yes”.As the picture shows:

6.Then click “program-write from radio”

Then you have set scramble function.When you are communicate use 2 RT15 set scramble function,others use haven’t set scramble radio can’t understand what you are saying.Please try it,you can also find it is so miraculous,if you have any questions about this function,please contact freely,I will always here to help you.

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