How to solve the problem when programming RT84?

How to solve the problem when programming RT84?

Retevis RT84 is a Dual Band DMR Digital/Analog walkie talkie, it is a entry level amateur radio.

Because of the Full function, low price, RT84 is very popular around the hams.

Do you have problem when your RT84 programming?

If you find your RT84 can’t program, please don’t worry, today we will give you a method to solve the problem when you program your radio.
Please read this blog, and just follow the instructions as below.
1.You need to install the software, you can download on:, scroll down this page, find RT84 software, then download it.

If you have problems downloading, pls contact us, we will send you the software,our

2.Please make sure your radio is turn on.

3.Please connect your radio with your computer by program cable.
Please note that RT84 program cable is unique one, it is different from others, you can check on:

4.Open your computer, find control panel- device manager- other equipment.
If you see there is a Yellow exclamation point, it means the driver was not installed successfully.

If you still program your radio, it will remind Erro:Please check whether the USB is occupied or not connected.

5.In this time, you need to click the Yellow exclamation point, right-click on the option by mouse, then choose Update driver.

6.After the update driver dialog box pops up,click and browse to select USB Drive folder, then Click next, it will automatically install drivers update.

7.If you update drive successful, It will have a hint to show you have update the driver successful as the picture as below.

8.Then you can come back to device manager, check the application of USB, you can see the following:

9.If you can see the “TM Device in DFU Mode”like the picture above, it means driver installed successfully,and it is connected properly.
10.Then you can read from radio and write to radio.

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  1. thank you very much and update to that version, it would be good to see how it is done to adjust the volume in a better way, in spite of lowering it is high for the patients where I work.

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