How to use chirp software for Retevis radios?

CHIRP software is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats.

In order to serve most customers, Retevis established a cooperation with chirp. Many of our models are supported by chirp.

On website, we have a chirp interface.

Choose your computer system to download. For example, my computer system is Windows 7. So I click”Click here to download the latest Windows version”.

Click the green bar Window Installer to install.

Then we get this , click to install it.

Then we come to the chirp interface.
Click “download from Radio”

Choose the corresponding model, it’ll come to the corresponding chirp software. Done!



4 thoughts on “How to use chirp software for Retevis radios?

  1. Sadly this does not seem to work with, or read the RT3 / RT3s.
    Chirp was asked last year if they could add the RT3 and MD380 but no response yet.
    Maybe Retevis can kindly ask the nice Chirp people for help.

    1. Yes. I’m screwed, too. The Retevis software will not recognize my USB/Baofeng programming dongle.
      The Retevis people seem unwilling to help, given you’ve posted this over 1 year ago…

      WHAT is the Retevis SIMILAR to? Is “close” good enough for the CHIRP program? What SHALL I DO?

  2. Doesn’t work with Retevis rt22 either. Got a response from Retevis linked to this article but that doesn’t change the fact that Chirp will not work with this radio. Retevis software for RT22 does work but it is not as easy to work with as CHIRP is. Mostly because CHIRP has prepopulated channel list that can be used rather that having to enter them manually.

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