How to use FTDI cable

How to use FTDI cable? The cable is very easy to use.

1.What is FTDI cable?

FTDI is a USB programming cable. But the different between FTDI and the common cable is that FTDI has the FTDI chip.

The speed of read data will faster than the common cable.And it is flexible, strong and durable cable.

In general, you do not need to download the driver.


2.The use of the FTDI cable.

1)In general. you do no need to install the USB driver. It will automatic installation.

But if it is not automatic installation. Some computer settings refuse to install automatically. You have to do the step 2.

2)If your cable do not need automatic installation. You can do it like this:

Right click My computer – Properties – Advanced System Settings – Device Installation Settings – Select Yes,

Perform this operation automatically – Save the changes, reinsert the USB write line, and wait for the driver installation to complete.

Then it will work.

Sometimes it may still can not work.Then you have to do like as below:

Download the driver from Install the Universal USB driver . And then it will absolutely work.

If you want to program your radio , you have to download the right software from here and install it.

Now let your radio power off and  then open your software and plug the cable in radio and PC, please make sure the cable is plug in tightly.

then open your radio, choose the COM,  read the data from the radio. After you change the data , write the data to radio. then the whole operation ends here.

If you still have any question about FTDI, contact me freely:

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