In Flood Rescue, You Deserve a Best Radio

It is in summer, rain comes more frequently, in many areas of the world, flood spreads. In order to survive for people living in areas facing flood risk and make the recue smoothly for rescuing staff and organizations, proper tool kits like waterproof radios are extramely demanded.

Retevis company are developing new models based on the customers requests and feedback. And we have several models are quite suitable for these kinds of people.

Firstly, RT29, It is 10w, and large battery capacity and IP67 waterproof, besides its other numerous functions. This model is medium priced and is quite a choice in flood-related area and organization.

Secondly, RT47, CE certified, and IP67 waterproof, and with the US version FRS band, PMR446, and MURS radio range. It is simple and very easy to use what provides hassle-free communication solution. The operation of this radio doesn’t require a license, therefore you can use it straight from the box.

Thirdly, we are developing a new FRS waterproof model, RT49P, pls keep updated with to check on it.


If you have certain requests on waterproof radios, just pls feel free to

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