Introduce of RT76 GMRS walkie talkie

RT76 is Retevis newly released walkie talkie, it is our the first GMRS radio. The GMRS is available to an individual (one man or one woman) for short-distance two-way communications to facilitate the activities of licensees and their immediate family members. The high power of RT76 is 5w, it is higher than FRS radio. So if you want to a long-distance radio, you can consider GMRS radio. But also, GMRS certificates are easy to obtain. Each licensee manages a system consisting of one or more transmitting units (stations.) The rules for GMRS limit eligibility for new GMRS system licenses to individuals to make the service available to personal users. (Some previously licensed non-individual systems are allowed to continue using GMRS.

In 2017, the FCC updated the GMRS by allotting additional interstitial channels in the 467 MHz band, increased the license term from 5 to 10 years, allowed transmission of limited data applications such as text messaging and GPS location information and made other updates to the GMRS rules to reflect the modern application of the service.

The main function introduce

1. It can compatible with RT97 GMRS repeater.

We have RT97 analog repeater, it is a small size, good quality, we have many customers have ordered it, Many customers also consulted us if we can customize GMRS frequency, yes, we can customize GMRS frequency in RT97 repeater, For RT76, it has 8 repeater GMRS frequency, as is shown:

If you are looking for a radio that can compatible with RT97 GMRS frequency, you can select RT76, RT76 is 5w, can support longer distance than FRS radios, and we also test RT97 repeater, the effect of extending distance is very good.

2.  Alarm function, When you or your partner in dangerous, active this function, others will hear and save you. You can set this function in the software.

3.  High/low power optional,high is 5w,low is 0.5w.

4.  VOX. VOX function will let your hands-free, don’t need press PTT, you can communicate with them, it is so convenient for some workers, such as construction workers.

5.  Squelch. When you are communicating, if there is a large noise, you can activate this function in RT76 software, then others will hear you clearly.

6.  TOT. This function is to prevent users from occupying the channel for a long time, so as not to cause damage to the walkie-talkie.

Now have you a clear understanding of RT76 GMRS radio? It only sales 38.99 USD dollars, is a cost-effective walkie talkie, here is the link:

Could you please check it if you like?

One thought on “Introduce of RT76 GMRS walkie talkie

  1. Hello,
    Hope you’ll have a Happy New year!
    I just purchased a RT76 HT. I would like to ask a few questions and make a few statements.
    1) To use the software I need a password? Really? Who thought of that? And what is it?
    2) Pinout for the programming cable? Does a Baofeng type cable work? Seems not to.
    3) Who decided to have ALL channels set up with CTCSS or DCS codes? A really bad idea because out of the box
    and without access to the software this radio is utterly useless for any working system!
    4) To make this radio a winner lose channels 8-14 (FRS as per FCC law radio combined with GMRS are ILLEGAL
    as of 30 September 2019). Channels 1-7 , 15-22 (talk around) 15-22 repeater would be far more useful and desirable.
    Now a removable antenna would really sweeten the pot!
    Channels 1-7 GMRS shared and 8-14 as
    FRS you have covered well in other models.
    Thank you
    Not sure if 1st attempt was sent.

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