Items to Check when PC not Identifying Software

Not a few customers ask when they have downloaded software to program their radio, their PC could not identify the software, when they click, error window appears. Today let’s talk about this issue taking RT22 as an example.


If your PC could not identify software of RT22, pls double check the following:


  1. If the cable is C9018A.

(Pls note, the programming cable is one to one, not ordinary USB cable, or universal one for all models. When you place the order, pls consult to buy the correct one if needed.)

  1. If the cable is tightly plugged into the radio and computer.
  2. If you have downloaded the driver in the first.
  3. If the software if RT22.

(Some customers download the software of other similar software.)

  1. If the battery is fully charged.
  2. If your computer system is windows.

(The software is not compatible with IOS.)

If you have some functions to program in the software, here is one blog for your referce:

Usually after checking the above items, problem will be resolved. If you still have something confusing, pls do not hesitate to send to or, will try best to help you.


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