Large-capacity battery walkie talkie RB17A

RB17A is a member of Retevis GMRS walkie talkies, it is a 5W large-capacity battery walkie talkie, can meet the communication needs of many occasions.GMRS is more powerful than FRS radios, which will support longer communication distances. If you select higher power radio, you can consider GMRS radio, the GMRS radios will provide you an additional crispness and clarity. That’s because GMRS has more power to put behind its modulating frequency, which means less interference.

1. RB17A is large-capacity battery walkie talkie.

RB17A is large-capacity battery walkie talkie,4400mAh battery. that means you will not worry about losing contact with others. When you are working outside, it is vital to keep in touch with your colleagues at all times, compared with mobile phones, walkie-talkies have lower cost and are very economical and durable. And with a high battery has a long standby time, you don’t have to think it’s time to recharge.

2. RA17A’s shell has bright color.

RB17A has a black and green shell, compared to previous black radios, it is more recognizable. Spring is coming, many people choose to go outing, perform or go shopping, with RB17A large-capacity battery walkie talkie, can maintain a stable call without worrying about losing the signal, especially in the mountains and other inaccessible places.

Other important functions:


Scan function

CTCSS&DCS Encode/Decode

Battery Save Function

Low Battery Warning

Channel-lock: This allows you to lock your channels to prevent them from accidentally getting changed as you go about your outdoor activities.

VOX: The voice-activated (or “VOX”) feature begins broadcasting automatically when you speak in the direction of the radio, thus letting you operate it hands-free. Mountain bikers and skiers find this to be a useful function.

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