Let's have a road trip with Retevis RT29

Let’s have a road trip with Retevis RT29

When the autumn is near, the leaves fall down from the tree, the crops get matured. It is such a season to harvest and busy months. A road trip with Retevis RT29 is a very great way to relax you from the tiredness.

Whatever your the one and the only, your family or your best friends, go on a road trip will help your inner health, making your mental health get more energy and relieved from the heavy work. Go with them, breathe more fresh air. To have a picnic, to have a barbecue. to drink beer, to have a camp. To see the stars, to enjoy the silent moment! Those can be done during our road trip, the most important thing we care about is that we are with our love!

On the road trip, safety is very vital. The mountains and basins will cut off our phone signal, so what we should do?

Retevis RT29 Long Range Radio
Retevis RT29 Long Range Radio

Stay at home is a good choice, but take a radio with you will help you a lot!

Retevis RT29 is a good choice for you!

10W transmitting power, when you go on a road trip with your many friends. You can not take just one car, so keep an RT29 is your hand will keep you in touch. And the communication range is very long, you will be satisfied with its performance.

Large battery capacity, the battery capacity of Retevis RT29 is 3200mah battery, the durability is longer than other radios.

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